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Saturday, October 16, 2010

the reward for acts of service

is usually the good feeling you have in your heart ... a warm plate of cookies ... a heartfelt "thank you" or "we couldn't have done it without you!"

this time, though, i offered my dad's trailer - complete with explorer to tow it and my dad to drive it - and my handsome (and burly) husband's muscles and helpful hands in exchange for this ...

for 45-ish minutes of service and 2 moved pianos, i was awarded with a real, working, able to be played, sounds-great-in-my-home - except-when-it's-mass-chaos, i'm-thinking-about-learning-how-to-actually-play, and won't-my-christmas-village-look-great-on-it?? PIANO!!

thank you Angie
i'm/we're loving it!


Matthew said...

Glad you are enjoying it. Tell Andy I really appreciated the help. Hopefully, he wasn't as sore as I was on Sunday.

Angie said...

I'm enjoying my new piano too. Thanks for the help.

Colleen said...

So cool! What a great exchange.

Belles and Books said...

Hey Emily and Andy!
Okay...remember me from y'alls long lost past when you only had two babies? It's been forever, but it is always so nice to look at your blog, and see that y'all are doing well!
Okay...the reason I'm leaving this comment is b/c I had this totally crazy dream with y'all in it last night! You had 8 kids and you were in in Texas looking for a house because y'all were moving here! All the kids were in this tent thing in my back yard with bunk beds in it! Weird? Yes! Anyway, this dream is of no significant value whatsoever, just random and I thought I would share!
We're planning a 3 day trip to Washington this summer, and I guess I've had Seattle mission days on the mind...crazy! ha ha

Unknown said...

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