i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm thankful for ...

... friends that give gentle reminders that they are ready and waiting for another post!

... a husband that does his chores without complaining.

... a family that loves me.

... children that want to do their best.

... a home that is warm - even if it is a little crowded.

... a Father in Heaven that shows me how much he loves me everyday.

... sunshine - even though it's rare around here this time of year!

... freedom that i sometimes take for granted.

... the chill in the air - that causes people to bundle up and wear fun, fuzzy and flannel!!

... and many other things - not the least of which is a blog to record events and fun stuff, that will allow me to date my posts in the past so that they can be chronological even if they aren't posted in order! so ... i'm back and i'll be playing catch-up but bear with me!!

have a fantastic thanksgiving!