i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm thankful for ...

... friends that give gentle reminders that they are ready and waiting for another post!

... a husband that does his chores without complaining.

... a family that loves me.

... children that want to do their best.

... a home that is warm - even if it is a little crowded.

... a Father in Heaven that shows me how much he loves me everyday.

... sunshine - even though it's rare around here this time of year!

... freedom that i sometimes take for granted.

... the chill in the air - that causes people to bundle up and wear fun, fuzzy and flannel!!

... and many other things - not the least of which is a blog to record events and fun stuff, that will allow me to date my posts in the past so that they can be chronological even if they aren't posted in order! so ... i'm back and i'll be playing catch-up but bear with me!!

have a fantastic thanksgiving!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's the World's Greatest Dad?

Ours is!!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

one of my bestfriends observes father's and mother's day on the saturday before ... in the hopes that the honoree is able to do what they'd like to do and not have to interfere with the Sabbath. we have adopted that policy in our family and so tomorrow our dad will be spending the day doing just what he wants - cuz he's the best and deserves at least one whole day of doing only what he wants!

We love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

learning more about myself ...

last night i cried myself to sleep.

things i think are dumb:
- when my ears fill up with tears ... cuz i'm laying on my back
- not being able/having the physical strength to go down the stairs (and then come back up again) in the middle of the night to type
- not being able to articulate the words that don't sound childish and selfish to say 'pay attention to me!' or 'i need some help'
- having sore ears in the morning from sleeping on my side to accomodate my injured leg.
- asking for help when i am able to handle things myself.
- pity parties
but sometimes the 'dumb things' are the only way to learn what Heavenly Father as been trying to teach me.

"let me 'splain ... no no, there is too much ... let me sum up" (quote from Princess Bride ... )
sometimes i think i can do it all - i'm perfectly capable - i can handle it.
but ... i have done myself a dis-service and 'denied other's the opportunity to serve' ...

while enduring this injury i hope that i have finally learned this lesson so that i don't have to 'learn' it again down the road.

things i need:
- to let people help me ...
- to accept when people offer help ...
- to ask for help when i need it ...
- to stop the 'tough guy' act ...
- to learn this lesson NOW!

ps. thank you to all my MANY friends
who have offered, helped, and just
come over knowing i'd never invite/ask.
you're the best and a blessing in my life!

so ... what happened?

i'm finally getting around to typing up the gorey details ...

this was a freak photography accident - don't try this at home folks!

i wanted to get a shot of all of us - the ShawWright clan - for the blog/scrapbook so i placed my camera on the hood of the Wright's tahoe ... positioned it just right and pushed the timed shot button. i had 10 seconds to get to the group and pose. i hustled to get to the camera and as i pushed off with my left leg to get there i heard a strange noise and it felt like i stepped on something. i smiled for the picture and then went to get my camera and couldn't walk. it seriously felt like i was bleeding from the back of my leg - like an animal had scratched the back of my leg off ... i went into a slight shock ... felt like i was going to pass out and throw up all at once and then i had to use the bathroom ... it was horrible ...

i tried to stretch it out thinking it was just a bad charlie horse or something. Andy carried me to the bathroom and i changed (i was still in my swimsuit ... ). i carefully got into the van - Trav and Nicki were so helpful. Trav wrapped my leg with an ace bandage to hold the ice pack on and then he and Andy gave me a blessing before we rushed home.

on the way Andy called his parents to come to our house and stay with the kids while he took me to the ER. we drove to providence and there were a ton of people there ... they wouldn't give us an estimated wait time ... so we decided to go to the Colby campus to see if it wasn't so full. andy dropped me off (well put me in a wheelchair) and i waited in line to check in as he parked. i was in line for about 20 minutes ... checked in ... and then waited in the waiting area for another 20 or so ... they brought me another ice pack and then took me into triage to find out how bad it was ... i was wheeled back to the waiting area and about 10 minutes later they brought us back to another waiting area ... and then it was our turn.

the pain was coming in waves and i would was thinking about all the things that i wasn't going to be able to do ... so i was crying off and on and each time the tears came i'd try to be tough but i needed som kleenex in a bad way! when we got to a room they had me lay down on my front so that they could get a look at my leg. (to this point i had told 'what happened' the shortened version about 6 times.) the doc asked what happened (don't these people write things down? or talk to each other??) and he looked at my leg ... poked around and then had me sit up. he said that he didn't think it was my Achilles tendon but he wanted me to go to and orthopedic surgeon to find out for sure. the ER nurse put a brace on my leg with ace bandage wrap and this stuff that gets hard after it gets wet ... weird stuff ... but it worked and then he gave me 2 tablets of percocet and sent us on our way.

it just so happens that my mom works for one and i got an appt. the next morning. he said, after examining my leg and touching and poking, that the good news is there would be no MRI or surgery because it wasn't my Achilles - bad news ... it's a deep tissue tear and there was nothing more he could do for me except perscribe pain meds, give me a good brace and tell me to stay off of it for 3 weeks and then come back and see him.

monday marked exactly 3 weeks. no walking, running, standing, or even straightening my left leg ... i go back tomorrow for my check up and to start physical therapy ... pray for me.

after thinking about it and telling it over and over ... i think the full story is:

we had spent the weekend on the boat - i was trying to wake board (unsuccessfully) and was sore from the effort! i'm not 18 anymore ... and though i am limber my body had had it! the sudden movement to get into the picture was just the last straw ...

lesson learned? stretch out ... when feeling tight and sore - STRETCH ... get those sore muscles moving!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

wow ... where did may go?!

wow ... after writing every day in april it seems like i've been neglecting my poor blog! but it's been a relief to not be setting new goals {although - maintaining the 33 i gave myself ... isn't so easy either! nearly paralyzing to be perfectly honest ...}

so what have i been doing the entire month of may and the first part of june you ask ...
let me share:

i need to back track a little and show you a few april pics ...

my van's power steering went out ... blew up in my garage

but the rest of my birthday was great!
while sitting at dinner i discovered that 'somebody' had been playing with my camera ... it's best to aim at non-reflective surfaces if you want to keep your identity a secret!
we spent May Day at the Tulips!
May 15th i got to see some old friends ... well they're not old ... cuz that would mean that i am old (which i'm not) but i haven't seen these guys in YEARS!!
David, Taylor and Michael Proudfit
Ammon started playing T-ball on May 11th ... but is first game was Memorial Day weekend.
since we didn't go camping ... we spent the weekend with the Wrights on their boat!
Ni-ee and Trav are so nice ... they share their boat with us.
such a beautiful weekend!
one last group photo before we go!!
saving this story for my next post ... suffice it to say ... i hurt myself right before my little big sister came to town!
the entire Wiscombe clan (+Devon, Josie and Andy)!
jennalee brought only her baby-est - 2 month old Josie Jean
everybody loved to hold her ... and some of us wish we had one at our house ...
Devon was the baby holder - when Josie cried ... she needed Devon!
what a cute dimple you have Devon!
Our last Family Photo before our baby brother goes on his mission.

he will be serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission - entered the MTC yesterday!
so there you have it ... my life in pictures ...
stay tuned for all the gorey details of the bruised up, swollen, gross-ness that is my left leg ...

Monday, April 27, 2009

three, two, one ... tomorrow's the BIG day!

on saturday i went out with nicki - girl's night/birthday outting ... we had yummy dinner at the cheesecake factory and then went to see 'obsessed' (it was good - i'm not a scary movie fan ... but there were no scenes and not even 1 f-bomb!!) after the movie i followed her home and we sat and talked until about 2 am! it's funny ... i'm almost 33 and i still feel like a dumb kid. i'm not always sure if in know who i am ... somethings i know about myself and i've come to grips with most of my peculiar and unique quirks. but still i think i'm learning about myself all the time. for example: i told andy that he is a creature of habit ... and the more i think about it - so am i! did you ever see Runaway Bride? julia roberts makes eggs 15 different ways to try and figure out which is her favorite ... goal #31 - figure myself out. who am i?? (when i figure it out - i'll share!)

sunday again ... quiet books ... goal #32 - make 'em! nuf said.

and for my final goal ... goal #33 - write a bucket list. i need to rent and watch that movie as well ... but i really feel like i need to have a list of things to accomplish before i die! not that i'm close ... not even half way there ... but i figure the more time i give myself ... the more i will be able to achieve!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


(it's fun to have to option to manipulate the post date and time ... cuz even though i'm actually posting this on the 25th {oops!} i can make it look like i posted on 4/24 at 4:44 - i'm in love with alliteration and consonance)

goal #30 - listen ... not just hear but listen.
... to my Heavenly Father, friends, family, husband and children.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Don Ford, technically speaking he's my first-cousin-once-removed - which means that he's my mom's cousin ... but he's only a few years older than me so it's like we're just plain cousins ... which really just means family!!

one of my favorite people came into town and called me up! he came over for a visit and i am so glad he did! it's always fun to catch up with friends and family! and what's better - i called him today and we talked for about an hour while he was driving thru oregon on his way home! while my mom's sisters were in town i spent a fair amount of time probing them for infomation and wish now that i had recorded them - for my own enjoyment as well as posterity sake!

goal #29 - do better at keeping in touch with extended family, with letters, facebook, blogs, and attending reunions!! families are forever and it's best if you know who it is you're going to be spending eternity with!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


as a general rule i'm not a litter bug ... i try to pick up garbage when i see it on the ground.

so, today in honor of earth day ... goal #28 - i'm going to be more conscious and follow the lead of my good little people who are always pointing out litter - and the evils thereof. i should carry a garbage sack with me when we walk to school so that i can pick up the stuff that they point out!

... so add that, be more conscious and carry a garbage sack when going for a walk!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

seven rhymes with heaven

and in heaven there is music - all kinds ... good kinds of music. the angels sing (they sound like motab) and i'm certain there will be pianos, organs, and even bands (maybe we'll have a disco ball or two)!! music brings the spirit like nothing else ... it's also a release. this morning i used music to get thru to my daughters that were at each other's throats. i put them on the couch with their arms around each other - which made it worse and literal ... and then moved them to sit knee to knee in chairs and played songs like "we are a happy family" and "love is spoken here" and "jesus said love everyone ..."

we have also had flashlight dance parties! footloose is great for those!!

and ... music is great while cleaning!!

shoot - andy and i met at a dance - that says a LOT for musical influence in our lives!

goal #27 - use music ... play music ... have more music in our home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

10, 9, 8, ...

10. saturday was a good one! we played as a family ... it's been a long time since we really played. we spent the day as a family and we had a great time! so, goal #24 - play more as a family - i'll have to get andy on board with this one ... but it shouldn't take too much convincing!
9. sundays run so much smoother when i have clothes clean and set out for church ... goal #25 - have sunday clothes laid out and ready saturday night!!

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today and we walked/rode bikes to school today!! i think i'm happier when the sun shines!
today is also monday ... family night. i've been a little lax in my preparation for FHE lately and i'm recommitting to family night - including all the essentials: opening prayer, song, lesson, activity, treat, and closing prayer. i actually have a chart ... just gotta use it! goal #26 - use FHE chart and plan!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

eleven days

goal #23 - get the junk out. i think i've said that before ... and tried to mean it then. but i'm getting older now ... i have to say what i mean and mean what i say. i think i may need some professional help (psychiatric as well as organizational)!!

ideas and help ...
1. peter walsh on oprah
2. peter walsh again
3. clean sweep tips and tricks - sign me up!!
4. fly lady - declutter 15 minutes a day!
5. who can pass up martha's tip of the day!?

say a little prayer for me ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i signed the kids up to be a part of the birthday club at baskin robbins ... it's been 4 or 5 years now ... and they email me the coupon for a free scoop 2 or 3 days before the birthday and it's good for a week. i received elyssa's last thursday ... so it expires today. thursdays are usually reserved for eating dinner at the Shaw's (we've been doing that for ... ever) and tonight andy and i are headed to the temple ... making going to the ice cream store out of the question. i hate to miss out on free ice cream (even if i have to buy ice cream for everybody else)! SO ... i excused the girls from school and we went to Baskin Robbins and then i took them back. it was fun and yummy!!

goal #22 - do more fun stuff with my kids ... even though it's not always easy and/or convenient!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thirteen days

{isn't there a movie - kennedy ... cuba conflict ... never did see it ... hm - maybe i will}

today is tax day - are your taxes done? do you wait"until the last dog's hung and the rope's cut"? (to quote my dad) my problem is ... i see april 15 creeping up on me and i say to myself ... just get them done - take all your stuff and have the guy work his magic and just do it ... but i don't listen to myself and then april 13 stares me down and i make a panicked call to the tax man's office and the nice receptionist girl says, "we have several openings ... we also take walk-ins if you can't commit to a sprcific time ..." it's like she saw me comin' ...

my beef with tax day? i'm not organized. i pay my bills and leave them all in a stack (read: monster pile of papers) and then when tax time comes aroundi can't find all the papers i need ... or i can't find one month of papers and i have to guess what that amount was. and what is really annoying?! we are 1099 ... we don't have w-2s - so we get the 'important tax documents' in the mail mid-january ... why the heck don't we take care of our taxes in february!? it bothers me.

in short, goal #21 - get organized ... make a habit of filing the pile. and actually do it this year!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 days - another magic day

... magic because today is the 14th and there are 14 days left {wink}
goal #20 - actually do my morning 'schedule'!!

i made these lists at the beginning of the year ... great idea huh!?

Monday, April 13, 2009

3x5=15 days ...

my little brother got his mission call on friday and waited to open it until the 50 people that he invited were assembled - on saturday. i was not able to wait that long ... and i didn't invite as many people to be at the 'opening' ... but listening to him read his call has me thinking of when i was a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and bearing my testimony on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. it was a humbling and challenging time in my life ... but, by far, the most spiritual.
goal # 19 - in conjunction with my 'preach my gospel' reading, scripture reading, daily prayer, religious picture posting and all the other goals that pertain to being a better Christian ... i am going to share my testimony with my family during family night ... and at every opportunity. i know that this will help my testimony to grow and teach my children at the same time!

by the way ... he's going to LasVegas West -
reporting to the MTC on June 10th.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


today is sunday again ... (i have 2 more before the big day ... ) and not only sunday but Easter Sunday - so today's goal needed to be a special one. i have been making a lot of goals related to my relationship with my Savior and Father in Heaven ... reading my scriptures more, praying daily, etc. i want my children to have a strong relationship with Them as well, i want them to know how important They are to me. we have a few 'religious' pictures up ... but i need to post more ... and talk about them ... teach about them ... so that when we have friends over and they ask, "who's that guy kneeling in the trees?" we can answer with a better answer than, "um that's just a picture from my church."

goal #18 - i will post meaningful pictures - and we will know how to share our testimonies when people ask about them.

today i'm thinking of my Savior and Friend

Saturday, April 11, 2009

17 - the magic day ...

magic because there are 17 days left and i'm on goal #17 (doesn't take much to make things magic!)

today is also elyssa's birthday (o, but it was trav's first) which has me thinking about my kids ... {i gyped them all out of birthday parties this year ... and now it's back to elyssa again and i'm planning a big 'every birthday party'!!} but more importantly i'm thinking about how each one of them needs face time with me alone.

elyssa is my one right now that longs for it. she loves for me to touch her (play with her hair while we're sitting anywhere ... especially in church, tickle her back/arm/neck/anything, hug her, she leans on, sits right next to me - you name it) ... she just wants attention.

goal # 17 - give my full attention to each individual child for a solid hour at least once a week.

Friday, April 10, 2009


goal #16 - all this goal making and posting everyday has me thinkin' ... i need to journal better - write stuff down. my friend, lindsay, is a genius and when she was in town i chatted with her a little about her great idea and i wish i would have had that chat 10 years ago ... so that i could look back on my whole relationship with andy and the great things that have come of it!

here's to the next 10 and a million after that!

today marks 10 years since our first official date ...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

we're in the teens now ... nineteen

'Wherever He Leads Me' by Greg Olsen

today is the first day of Passover - Passover Thursday as Elder Holland put it ... i'm thinking alot about the real meaning of Easter this year ... (since my 11th goal ...)

goal #15 - i will stand as a witness/companion/representative of Him ... which means: 'at all times, in all things and in all places' - do what He would do, say what He would say, be what He wants me to be. He made this great sacrifice for me ... this is the least i can do for Him.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

only 20 days?!

goal #14 - i will take a 'timeout' when i need it ...
(today i'm a little stressed - but it will be over in a few hours!!
and everything will work out and be fine ... it's crunch time!)

21 - late

goal #13 - i just love it when someone compliments me for a job well done, and i find that my kids try to do better when i compliment them ... so that is my 13th goal - i will compliment people (my kids, especially), sincerely compliment someone - more than one person - everyday!

Monday, April 6, 2009

goal update: how's my progress, you ask?

ok ... so first i better list them (there are SO many now! what did i get myself into?)

1: exercise at least 5 times a week. Not so much … but I’ve done at least 3x a week … I’ll get there!
2: write down everything i'm putting in my mouth for the next 32 days. I did it for a week … then spent the weekend in front of the tv and ate a bunch of crap … I’ll do better.
3: drink.more.water. Got this one down!
4: i will read my scriptures daily ... even if it's just one verse. Doing really well at this one too!! Yay me!
5: early to-oo bed and early to-oo ri-ise … Um … This one is a tough one too … but I’m committed to do better!
6: daily meaningful prayers. Hmm … this one needs work too …
7: i will smile and laugh more. I’m doing better here but still working!
8: break my bad habit and start hanging more pictures. Need to send them to Costco and order the prints – I have the frames!!
9: "Come what may, and love it." It’s daily … work in progress!
10: sign more. Yes, signing more!
11: learn more about what i know, know what i know and share what i know. Workin’ on it!
12: read from the pages of "Preach My Gospel" daily. Starting today!!

two two

(not to be confused with 'tutu' - cuz i'm no ballerina!)

goal 12 - in an effort to accomplish goal #11 ... i will be reading from the pages of "Preach My Gospel" daily. i recently read the title page and first presidency's message to missionaries ... ahh, to be a missionary again ...
but it got me thinking - "every member a missionary", right?! so why can't i read that message as if it were written to me? and why can't i take all these 'missionary' lessons and teach my own little 'investigators' in my own household? and then 'share what i know' with my friends and neighbors!?!

so there you go ... if you don't have a copy - get one! they're only $6.00!! let's read it together!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

twenty-three days

goal #11 - today is Palm Sunday ... today is also Conference Sunday ... today my goal is more of an inward commitment to think about my Savior on a more regular basis and allow the atonement to work in my life more fully. after spending the day at the feet of the prophet and apostles, i feel an urgency to learn more about what i know, to know what i know and to share what i know. i think i'll start by downloading conference on my zune and listening to it while i'm exercising and then read the conference ensign from cover to cover when it comes ... i think i'll even mark it up while i study it and internalize these last two days of great council.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


love is spoken here - in ASL!!

goal #10 (double digits, baby! an update on how i'm doing on all these many goals is in the works!) as some of you may know, we are a bilingual family - well ... most of us. our babies learned to sign to alleviate some frustration as well as communicate with their aunt Ann, who is deaf. it's great to be able to 'silently' communicate during sacrament meeting, across a crowded room, and through a window without shouting. andy is an interpeter and working to get certified and start interpreting for a living (along with his real estate appraising work). in an effort to be more fluent we are going to sign more at home. hopefully it will help the decibel level around our home as well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

twenty and five

goal #9 - become more like Elder Wirthlin's mother ... and "Come what may, and love it."
if you haven't read it - do, if you have - read it again! it's a good one!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


goal #8 - i have a terrible habit of taking pictures, (i even have a bunch of them taken by a professional - thanks mon!) and then they just sit on my computer ... never.get.printed. or hung until they are out of date!! i'm going to break that bad habit and start hanging more ... it will help me with yesterday's goal - i'll definitely smile more with stuff like this around!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

no joke ... only 27 days to go.

happy april fool's day!!

with that in mind ... i think my 7th goal needs to be something fun/funny - i will smile and laugh more. instead of hollering at my kids, i will laugh with them - instead of spanking, i will tickle them into submission.

Laughter is an instant vacation. ~Milton Berle
Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on. ~Bob Newhart
Seven days without laughter makes one weak. ~Mort Walker
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cumming

wish me luck ... or laugh at me ... we'll see if it works!!