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Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's the World's Greatest Dad?

Ours is!!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

one of my bestfriends observes father's and mother's day on the saturday before ... in the hopes that the honoree is able to do what they'd like to do and not have to interfere with the Sabbath. we have adopted that policy in our family and so tomorrow our dad will be spending the day doing just what he wants - cuz he's the best and deserves at least one whole day of doing only what he wants!

We love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

learning more about myself ...

last night i cried myself to sleep.

things i think are dumb:
- when my ears fill up with tears ... cuz i'm laying on my back
- not being able/having the physical strength to go down the stairs (and then come back up again) in the middle of the night to type
- not being able to articulate the words that don't sound childish and selfish to say 'pay attention to me!' or 'i need some help'
- having sore ears in the morning from sleeping on my side to accomodate my injured leg.
- asking for help when i am able to handle things myself.
- pity parties
but sometimes the 'dumb things' are the only way to learn what Heavenly Father as been trying to teach me.

"let me 'splain ... no no, there is too much ... let me sum up" (quote from Princess Bride ... )
sometimes i think i can do it all - i'm perfectly capable - i can handle it.
but ... i have done myself a dis-service and 'denied other's the opportunity to serve' ...

while enduring this injury i hope that i have finally learned this lesson so that i don't have to 'learn' it again down the road.

things i need:
- to let people help me ...
- to accept when people offer help ...
- to ask for help when i need it ...
- to stop the 'tough guy' act ...
- to learn this lesson NOW!

ps. thank you to all my MANY friends
who have offered, helped, and just
come over knowing i'd never invite/ask.
you're the best and a blessing in my life!

so ... what happened?

i'm finally getting around to typing up the gorey details ...

this was a freak photography accident - don't try this at home folks!

i wanted to get a shot of all of us - the ShawWright clan - for the blog/scrapbook so i placed my camera on the hood of the Wright's tahoe ... positioned it just right and pushed the timed shot button. i had 10 seconds to get to the group and pose. i hustled to get to the camera and as i pushed off with my left leg to get there i heard a strange noise and it felt like i stepped on something. i smiled for the picture and then went to get my camera and couldn't walk. it seriously felt like i was bleeding from the back of my leg - like an animal had scratched the back of my leg off ... i went into a slight shock ... felt like i was going to pass out and throw up all at once and then i had to use the bathroom ... it was horrible ...

i tried to stretch it out thinking it was just a bad charlie horse or something. Andy carried me to the bathroom and i changed (i was still in my swimsuit ... ). i carefully got into the van - Trav and Nicki were so helpful. Trav wrapped my leg with an ace bandage to hold the ice pack on and then he and Andy gave me a blessing before we rushed home.

on the way Andy called his parents to come to our house and stay with the kids while he took me to the ER. we drove to providence and there were a ton of people there ... they wouldn't give us an estimated wait time ... so we decided to go to the Colby campus to see if it wasn't so full. andy dropped me off (well put me in a wheelchair) and i waited in line to check in as he parked. i was in line for about 20 minutes ... checked in ... and then waited in the waiting area for another 20 or so ... they brought me another ice pack and then took me into triage to find out how bad it was ... i was wheeled back to the waiting area and about 10 minutes later they brought us back to another waiting area ... and then it was our turn.

the pain was coming in waves and i would was thinking about all the things that i wasn't going to be able to do ... so i was crying off and on and each time the tears came i'd try to be tough but i needed som kleenex in a bad way! when we got to a room they had me lay down on my front so that they could get a look at my leg. (to this point i had told 'what happened' the shortened version about 6 times.) the doc asked what happened (don't these people write things down? or talk to each other??) and he looked at my leg ... poked around and then had me sit up. he said that he didn't think it was my Achilles tendon but he wanted me to go to and orthopedic surgeon to find out for sure. the ER nurse put a brace on my leg with ace bandage wrap and this stuff that gets hard after it gets wet ... weird stuff ... but it worked and then he gave me 2 tablets of percocet and sent us on our way.

it just so happens that my mom works for one and i got an appt. the next morning. he said, after examining my leg and touching and poking, that the good news is there would be no MRI or surgery because it wasn't my Achilles - bad news ... it's a deep tissue tear and there was nothing more he could do for me except perscribe pain meds, give me a good brace and tell me to stay off of it for 3 weeks and then come back and see him.

monday marked exactly 3 weeks. no walking, running, standing, or even straightening my left leg ... i go back tomorrow for my check up and to start physical therapy ... pray for me.

after thinking about it and telling it over and over ... i think the full story is:

we had spent the weekend on the boat - i was trying to wake board (unsuccessfully) and was sore from the effort! i'm not 18 anymore ... and though i am limber my body had had it! the sudden movement to get into the picture was just the last straw ...

lesson learned? stretch out ... when feeling tight and sore - STRETCH ... get those sore muscles moving!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

wow ... where did may go?!

wow ... after writing every day in april it seems like i've been neglecting my poor blog! but it's been a relief to not be setting new goals {although - maintaining the 33 i gave myself ... isn't so easy either! nearly paralyzing to be perfectly honest ...}

so what have i been doing the entire month of may and the first part of june you ask ...
let me share:

i need to back track a little and show you a few april pics ...

my van's power steering went out ... blew up in my garage

but the rest of my birthday was great!
while sitting at dinner i discovered that 'somebody' had been playing with my camera ... it's best to aim at non-reflective surfaces if you want to keep your identity a secret!
we spent May Day at the Tulips!
May 15th i got to see some old friends ... well they're not old ... cuz that would mean that i am old (which i'm not) but i haven't seen these guys in YEARS!!
David, Taylor and Michael Proudfit
Ammon started playing T-ball on May 11th ... but is first game was Memorial Day weekend.
since we didn't go camping ... we spent the weekend with the Wrights on their boat!
Ni-ee and Trav are so nice ... they share their boat with us.
such a beautiful weekend!
one last group photo before we go!!
saving this story for my next post ... suffice it to say ... i hurt myself right before my little big sister came to town!
the entire Wiscombe clan (+Devon, Josie and Andy)!
jennalee brought only her baby-est - 2 month old Josie Jean
everybody loved to hold her ... and some of us wish we had one at our house ...
Devon was the baby holder - when Josie cried ... she needed Devon!
what a cute dimple you have Devon!
Our last Family Photo before our baby brother goes on his mission.

he will be serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission - entered the MTC yesterday!
so there you have it ... my life in pictures ...
stay tuned for all the gorey details of the bruised up, swollen, gross-ness that is my left leg ...