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Monday, August 6, 2007

a frog and a seahorse and a penguin ...

aka: Ammon and Elyssa and Abi! We started 2 weeks of daily swim lessons today! Ammon's a little short on one end for his class ... but he's doing great! Elyssa wasn't so sure she wanted to get in the water ... but took to it like the good little seahorse that she is!! Abi almost forgot to get her clothes off before jumping in! We have friends in Elyssa and Abi's classes -- hooray someone for mom to talk to!! Easton was a little squirmy ... but that's just cuz he wants to get in the water too. It's gonna be a great 2 weeks - pray for sunshine!

Ammon loves the water
Elyssa practising torpedo hands

Abi loves swim lessons!


Tara said...

your kids are sooo cute!! Have fun swimmin'...hope the sun is shinin' for you too!
Did I tell you I am coming to town...in September!! :)

Super Angie said...

Love the names you picked for your kids! :

emilyshaw said...

By the way ... when all was said and done and we finished our classes ... Ammon will be a frog again next year -- he needs to practise his 'bobs'-putting his head ALL the way under water; Elyssa is advancing to become a penguin; and Abi will be a penguin again -- she needs to work on her bilateral breathing-breathing to the side while she is doing the crawl stroke. They all did so well and we are so happy that they love the water! Easton wanted to be playing in the water too ... but was strapped to my back everyday! :)