i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i'm on board the good ship 'Gratitude'

Teachers, testimony, time to think, and taste buds
Home, happiness, handsome husband, and hands
Answers to prayer, apple blossoms, and family
Nieces, nephews, and naptime
Kisses, keepsakes, and kindness
Savior, scriptures, songs, and silliness
Granny, grandmas, and grandpas
Inspiration and imagination
Vacation, vacuum, and volume control
Internet, identity, and islands (I’ll see one some day!)
Nature, Noel and North Pole
Giggling, gathering, giving


Super Angie said...

So cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE that center peice. Did you make it? If so, how??

emilyshaw said...

i wish i could say that i did make it ... alas my integrity forces me to confess that i just found the picture online ... but you can bet that when i figure out HOW i will be making one!

Super Angie said...

LOL love that you found the photo online! YOU ROCK!!!

iamjennycook said...

Thanks for that excerpt. It made me stop a minute and count my blessings. Cute picture, even if you didn't make it!

Nicki said...

When you figure out how to make it you should post it online. It's so cute. I want a BIG one though. I'd totally put that on my entryway table for Thanksgiving next year!

Colleen said...

And I am thankful for you! I am so glad we found each other! And I will buy one of your signs!!!