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Monday, March 10, 2008

we've been tagged - (drumroll please...)

quite a while ago Alicia tagged us ... here are our answers to "7 things you never knew you wanted to know about us". she thought it might be fun for the WWW to learn about the crazy Shaw kids!!

we tag Gabi, Zack, Alivia and Megan Rowe … we’d love to hear a few things that we didn’t know we wanted to know about them before they come for a much anticipated extended vacation (that we’re SO excited about) to our house this summer!!

here goes ...

Abi (age 7):

1. i was born with NO hair on my head but my mom and dad knew i'd have red hair because my eyebrows were red from the start.

2. i had my very own language called "abian" before i 'actually' spoke. sometimes i still make up words when my sister and i play. we pretend that it's spanish or chinese ... but really it's abian.

3. i love to read and write. i am reading above my grade level and love to read anything and everything ... i've been known to spend more than 20 minutes in the bathroom on the potty looking at magazines and reading books. i am in a 1st/ 2nd grade split class and i love school!

4. i went to 2 different preschools. the first one i only attended for 2 days but everytime we drive by i remind my mom that it was my 'first' school.

5. i sometimes call myself Rocky - from the movie '3 Ninjas'. i'm Rocky, Elyssa is Colt, and Ammon is Tum-Tum. we sometimes practice what we'll do if a bad guy breaks into our house.

6. when i grow up, i want to be a vet and a mom and a cowgirl ...

7. my favorite animal is a horse. i want to have one someday, but for now (when we get a house with a yard) i will settle for a puppy - even though i have no idea how much work a dog really is ...

Elyssa (age 5):

1. i have always been off the charts in height and weight. i'm usually a head taller than other kids my age.

2. i'm really athletic. i work hard to learn new sports and i’m usually pretty good at all sports.

3. i know i’m in trouble when my mom only uses my first name – i usually go by ‘lyssa mae’.

4. i’m a snuggler. when i climb into bed with my mom and dad … i’m not content to just lay in their bed … i have to be touching them – usually full-body contact.

5. i won’t go potty in the downstairs bathroom because one time i saw a bug on the floor … i don’t even like to wash my hands in there.

6. i love to hold babies and i try to be a good helper so that i can be the one that mom asks to help with the baby.

7. i love to be praised, i thrive on it. i will do just about anything if you will tell me how much you appreciate it when i’m done!

Ammon (age 3):

1. i have lots of ‘favorite’ things … football, ninja turtles, tools, and cars – to name a few!

2. i wear my cowboy boots just about everywhere … church included.

3. i like to pester my sisters and brother – i’m really good at it!

4. i’m cute – so i can get away with things that the girls can’t do …

5. i am learning to be a nice gentleman and i hold the door for my mom … sometimes she has to remind me … but i’m getting pretty good at remembering!

6. my newest talent is doing puzzles – i can do them pretty fast and i don’t get frustrated easily.

7. when i grow up i’m gonna play football – that’s why i eat a lot of food.

Easton (age 18 mo.):

1. i have 3 uncoordinated cowlicks on my head.

2. when i was born everybody thought i’d have red hair … but after my first haircut – no dice.

3. i can speak 1 (one) word: bubble. this is worrisome to my pediatrician but not my mom – i think she is secretly happy that i don’t know how to say her name. i communicate quite clearly with sign language - it's amazing how easy it is to use ... everybody should learn it!

4. for fun, i like to wait until everyone is watching the tv and then walk up and turn it off. it’s funny how much attention i can get for just pushing a button.

5. my pediatrician also says that i’m ‘off the charts’ (whatever that means) – what she doesn’t know is that i can take down my big brother already – wait a few more years and i’ll be knocking him down and stomping on him for fun, and then a few more years, we’ll play football together and steamroll the competition!

6. i’m sensitive, when mom scowls at me and tells me ‘no no!’ i get teary-eyed and feel sorry for dumping my plate (again!).

7. secretly, i am a LOT smarter than i let on. i have my whole family fooled! although, i think mom is catching on – she talks to me like she knows i can understand her … i hope she doesn’t tell anyone!

thanks Alicia for tagging us! this was fun!


Super Angie said...

How cute! Can you tell us all their ages please?

emily said...

sorry ... i should have put their ages in before posting! thanks for the reminder Angie!

aliciadiane said...

So fun! I learned a thing or two about your little darlin's!

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kiley madison said...

hahaha!! oh emily, your kids are so entertaining! i love this post!