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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2 words that illustrate my current emotional state

funk (fuhngk) -n.
1. a dejected mood
2. a strong smell; stench.

rut (rŭt) -n.
1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles.
2. A fixed, usually boring routine.

can you guess which definitions are on my mind?

the weather is playing a factor today as well as the existing condition of my surroundings and i've been inspired to write this song ...

Townhouse, the Dreadful!
(to the tune of America, the Beautiful)
Oh, dreadful for cramped space, for sticky floors of crumbs,
for colorful Mount Washmore, caused by the diapered bums!
Townhouse! Confined Space! Sun shed it's warmth on thee,
And cleanse the floor and counter tops from all the junk I see!

it seems to me that i get in these funks every once in a while ... and like the scriptures say "it came to pass" ... it won't last long ... but for today, i'm havin' some popcorn lunch with a small handful of peanut butter m&ms. maybe it'll help me perk up!

time to share:
do you ever get in a funk ... or rut ... or both?
how do you get out?


Kiley said...

yes. both of those things...
which is why i'm activly looking for a new job, AND i've applied for school (bcc)
i've been in this funky rut for a year now... no progress really... the only REAL progress i've seen is the 10lbs i lost in April... now it's on to bigger and better things!
hope you get out of yours!

iamjennycook said...

Of course!!!!! It is such a good thing to have friends with little kids because we can TOTALY relate and pass the validation around when needed. I find myself feeling the same way every once in a while, until I get sick and tired of being sick and tired of it, and I take a good look at myself and say "Self, it's time to have it come to pass, it's time for this to pass," and I then tell myself all the things I could be doing to feel better, have it all under control, and in short, be enjoying rather than enduring. It helps me to 'reschedule' my days every once in a while and make time for the things I know will help me to feel happy with myself.

I LOVED Elder Ballards talk at conference directed to young mothers. He talked about so much that we can do 'refill' out tanks. Hope your funk passes. love ya.

ashtrost said...

Today and yesterday have been hard for me. I cried twice today. Carter is driving me crazy. He's on his third week of being a hurricane. My poor 2 year old is great, in fact a dream, so I just have to remember that I have one great kid right now!!

tricki_nicki said...

My ruts only last until summer - and you know exactly what I mean by that!

Chalonn said...

When I'm in a funk/rut I, like you, like to eat popcorn and m&m's....usually if I kick myself in the butt and start movin, I can get back on a roll...but if I accidentally slip into my unmade bed, at any time of the day..it's over!!!

Alicia said...

Today I am feeling kind of blah....