i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my dad would say ...

i find myself saying that a lot and my good friend always gets a chuckle out of what follows, mostly because they are things that she's NEVER heard anyone else say ... so this Father's Day, i thought i'd write a few of them down and share them with the world wide web.

dad's really helpful - when there's a sports game and it has just ended - professional or otherwise and you didn't see who won ... "the team with the most points when the time ran out."

dad's encouraging - when you're down and the world seems to be against you and then just one more thing happens that you neither expected or wished for ... "the scriptures say 'and it came to pass' not 'and it came to stay' - this too shall pass."

dad knows his math - when there's more than 1 way of doing something that brings the same result "it's sixes" or "six to one, half a dozen to the other"

dad's polite - he never tells people when they've overstayed their welcome, he just takes my mom's hand and says, "come on honey, let's go to bed so our guests can leave."

he's humble - when you ask him how he's doing, "better than i deserve."

if there's a question about whether he can fix something we all know, "if he can't fix it, it ain't broke."

dad likes to be precise - when you want to know how often something happens, "only on days that end with Y."

he's also known to be a little slap stick, "is this clown peanut butter? cuz it tastes funny ... "

there are more ... i'm sure of it ... i just can't think of any more at the moment (those of you that know him - feel free to add some of your favorites).

Thanks for all the great sayings you've supplied me and the big love you have to give.
There's no one like you in the whole wide world!!
Happy Father's Day!
love your first 'daddy's little boy'
ps. the picture is from a while ago and the beard is only grown from june-dec so that he can be santa's helper - i have a ton of good pictures of my dad ... i just need a scanner - maybe next Father's Day!


Kiley said...

i mostly remember the little things he says when he's working on something...
"ya sick puke!"
"you sorry...."

gotta love dad...

Jennalee said...

or the answer to how much money..."we have sufficient for our needs" :)

Colleen said...

ahhh, daddies are the best!

Super Angie said...

Yea for Russ! You have blessed so many lives!