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Monday, June 2, 2008

shawright memorial day weekend campout!

(now that my laundry is complete, i can move onto blogging about it!)

this year after much tribulation (aka: dismal weather report, campsite flooding necessitating a change and stressed out camp coordinator) we had the BEST camping experience with children to date! we did, however, decide that in future we will have the "shawright annual camping trip - not necessarily ON memorial day"!!

it's a good thing we planned to leave home at 2 ... or we really would have arrived in the dark! we finally drove away from home at 5 and arrived up at Ensign Ranch at 7pm - we hurried to get the tents up and situated before the night got TOO dark!
saturday morning we made breakfast and set up camp all at once and then went exploring! we discovered that our campsite was the best one overall! we'll definitely request that one next time and we'll be ready for anything! we were rained on only twice - saturday night as we slept and sunday night right after we got our dinner ready to eat. our accommodations were fantastic and we ate our dinner to the melody of rain beating on the heavy duty tarp tent that we had zipped ourselves, our children, a massive camp table, our food and camp storage into safe and dry out of the rain! it's the only way to camp in the great northwest! the rest of our stay was sunny (mostly) and we played and walked and napped and played and sloshed in the myriad of mud puddles that were so VERY tempting! the sky spit on us a few times in the day time ... but for the most part we were enjoying the sun and loving every minute of our FUN extended weekend get away! a shout out to papa wiscombe who lent us the fantastic-and-marvelous-we-can't-ever-camp-without-it camp kitchen and all hail costco for bringing back the 3 burner camp stove just in time for both the shaw's and the wright's to have one!!
it was a great way to kick off this season of camping! stay tuned for other camping posts ... i'm hoping for more trips this summer!!


aliciadiane said...

i have been waiting for this....it was a fun trip, it even pictures make it even look glamorous. good job- way to be in charge, it was a success.

iamjennycook said...

I did not know ensign ranch had a slip n' slide! How fun!

Heber and Chalonn said...

Ha..we were supposed to camp there this weekend too, but we chickened out with the rain! Looked fun though...you must share which campsite you thought was the best..we were going to be in Grotto or Jacob's grove....super fun pics!!

Tara said...

looks like a fun weekend! wanna come do my laundry now!! pleeeease!?? :)

Colleen said...

What fun! You all look like you had the best time, especially those mud puddle boys!