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Friday, August 1, 2008

swim lessons '08

last year McCollum park opened swim lesson signups mid-april ... so i marked my calendar so that i'd be sure to sign them up in time to get the time that i wanted and the classes they needed and everything on time ... well ... who knew they were going to open it up mid-MARCH this year!? BAH - we were on the waiting list and finally got a call from the pool a week before our classes were to start and we were in!

Here's a few highlights from this years swim lessons!

the last thursday class was parent participation day!
andy was gone on the high adventure so grandma and grandpa shaw came to help out!
they're GREAT!

and yup - i still know how to dive!
can i get a little wha-wha?!

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Jennalee said...

you can get a BIG WHA WHA! :)