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Saturday, August 2, 2008

what did you do for the first day of august?

we invited katie and her girls over for a slumber party friday night (since our daddy was outta town with the boys at the high adventure) - but they had a better idea!
movie in the park "over the hedge" - these kids are all growing up too fast!
before the movie they played 'simon says' and abi won some m&ms! the show started at 9:25pm and we got home about mid-night! my workout for the day was carrying 3 of the 4 sleepy heads into their beds when we got home ... i made abi walk (but i still had to guide her - she's funny, walking and talking in her sleep)!!

the true test of a friendship - months of 'long time, no see' and we pick up where we left off with out even a hiccup!

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Jennalee said...

you two are beautiful little mommies!