i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

taking a scrapbooking approach ...

it has long since been my philosophy that when scrapbooking you start with today, continue forward and when time allows scrap the past. with that said:

yesterday was this lady's birthday
she's 29 and a couple summers.

we went down to see her after school for a short visit.
i delivered the finished scrapbook from last year's birthday and the girls brought her gifts of pictures, popcorn balls and 'free pictures with my camera' (from abi).
my mom is known to all small children as 'granny' and she is the epitome of the word. she is always excited to see her 'granbabies' and was delighted with their gifts.

on our ride home, abi was saying, "i like granny ..."
me: i do too
abi: i like granny because she is always happy with the gifts we give her - even if it's not something she really likes.
me: what do you think she doesn't like?
abi: like those popcorn balls ... i know she's probably not going to eat them ... but she was happy we gave them to her. i don't have much money so i just worked with what i had. i had my favorite song written down and i gave it to her ... and the popcorn ball ... and you know, i gave her that ticket for 3 free pictures. it's free shipping too. you know, if it is only 3 pictures it's free shipping ... but if it were 4 pictures she would have to give me a coin.

at this point i had to call granny and tell her she was missing out on this conversation - to which she asked, "does she know you're telling me?"
me: yes
granny: you need to write that down when you get home ... she's so funny!
me: i will ... talk to you later.

when i hung up abi asked what granny said.
me: she said i should write this down when i get home.
abi: isn't she at home?
me: yes but she wants me to write it down so we remember the funny things you say.
abi: you could put it in a blog ...

i called granny back and had a good chuckle about that one too!!
granny: like mother like daughter!

and so i did - put it in a blog ...


Jennalee said...

that is just hilarious...I have quite the precocious little niece, don't I :)

Super Angie said...

Blogging is the new way to journal. LOVE IT!

Mindy said...

Oh! I love you both!! and all the gifts :)

Jessica said...

Now that is hilarious! I love it!