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Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 + 8 = fifteen things you never knew you wanted to know!

for starters ... i haven't done a meme in quite a while ... mostly because i haven't been nominated - but also cuz i can't ever think of 4, 5 or 6 things that people really want to know about me ... and now i find myself tagged for 2 different memes ... one with 7 quirks and the other crazy eights, if you get bored - i won't mind if you click away ... we'll still be friends.

7 quirks ... this oughta be good!

1. as many of you know ... i went to ricks college (now it's BYU-Idaho) but what you may not know is that i was a huge country dancer - (not huge as in size, back in the day i was wearing some good'n'tight no-pocket-on-the-butt jeans and looking pretty good if i do say so myself!) my partner/best friend [read: boyfriend] and i were really good and we even taught some people how to 2 step and swing. even today, when i hear a good 2 stepping song, i can't help but be taken back to that other life and i get carried away and start dancing with my now-imaginary partner.

2. i can play cribbage - and i like it ... and sometimes - shoot i do it all the time - i play it with license plates - count points with what i see on the plate ... A's are Aces - worth 1 or 11, J's are Jacks - worth 10, Q's are Queens, K's ... you get the picture! my dance partner from #1 and i would do that on road trips - so we didn't have to try and figure out how to bring the cribbage board and cards. andy thinks i'm a little crazy when i start "15-2, 15-4 ..."

3. i am afraid of spiders, heights and losing my friends/family ... therefore i am the 'spider getter' in our family, i climb up on ladders and roofs whenever the opportunity presents itself and i do everything i can to keep my friends and family close - in order to counter-balance these fears.

4. i have never worked retail ... or at a fast food restaurant ... or as a lead position of anything. of the 3, i would like to have a lead position but only if i had worked for it and deserved it! retail ... i think i could do it - not sure i'd love it. fast food ... not on your life - i won't do it - you can't make me! what's my dream job, you ask? i'm living it - i always wanted to be a mom (and a hairdresser in the basement have my own salon and such - maybe this part someday)! i brush my daughter's hair when they let me ... and i am the family barber for my 3 boys! but if i had to work outside my home, you know the movie "The Kid" - Lily Tomlin's role ... Bruce Wills/Russ' personal secretary. that's what i think i'd love to do ... call me crazy - but when i saw that movie for the first time ... i just wanted her job!!

5. i don't eat seafood ... mind you, i live in one of the seafood capitals in the world but i haven't tried it all [read: hardly any] ... but what i have i was not in love with.

6. i have 4 boys that i grew up with that i claim as 'my boys' ... and my handsome husband has 6 (i think) girls that he grew up with that i call 'his girls' (or harem - not the 6 ... but the other 20 that followed him around {wink}) ... funny that we married each other.

7. i'm one of Santa's elves and have been since i was in Jr. High ... it's true - i have a uniform and everything. so for all you non-believers out there ... there's a reason the big guy stopped coming to your houses! the bell still rings for me!

are you still with me?? here we go ...
the crazy 8's ...

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. CSI:
4. Criminal Minds
5. The Menalist
6. Survivor
7. America's Next Top Model
8. CSI:Miami
wow this is sad ... i actually can NAME eight shows i watch (and there are more that i didn't have room to put down) ... just like that ... i think i have a problem!!

8 Places I Love to Eat:
1. La Palmera
2. Red Robin
3. Olive Garden
4. Arby's
5. Taco del Mar
6. Subway
7. Salt Grass
8. Dickey's

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. i watched 2 friend's kids - 3 extra kids ... and it was actually a nice break from having to entertain my own!
2. finally took down all my christmas stuff from the attic - hooray!
3. plugged in my fiber optic tree - my favorite!
4. glued back together my baby food bottle tree - it's so darn cute!
5. removed easton's toddler bed from his bedroom ... and left only his mattress on the floor ... why you ask?? because he and his brother were jumping on the beds and the zip ties broke - yes i did just say that my son's bed was held together with zip ties ... my handsome husband is quite a resourceful fellow ... and when he couldn't find the nuts and bolts ... he improvised!
6. i picked up 2 extra preschool boys and dropped all 3 of them off for preschool at the only girl in our preschool's house!
7. was disappointed that 2 of my favorite shows weren't on because the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on ...
8. i didn't finally go to bed until after 1AM ... mostly cuz i'm stupid and stay up just cuz i can!

8 Things I Love about Fall:
1. wearing cozy warm long sleeve shirts and scarfs.
2. the changing leaves
3. school supplies go on sale!
4. it's almost Christmas!
5. the crisp air
6. sunsets with a chill in the air
7. the 'bers'
8. school!

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. texting on my cell ...
2. new workout clothes
3. bi-weekly house cleaner
4. better faster computer ...
5. a yard
6. Andy would learn to 2 step
7. paint and a buddy to help
8. oh ... and world peace.

8 People I am Tagging:
1. little big sis
2. little sis
3. littlest sis
4. little bro
5. bestfriend who LOVES memes ...
6. bestfriend who hasn't been tagged since May (i researched it!)
7. bestfriend who hasn't blogged in WAY too long
8. bestfriend who just started a blog!!

(by the way ... you don't have to do both ... you could choose just one or the other if you'd like! but both would be fun!!)

well, if you're still awake and haven't removed me from your blogroll (if i was even on it {wink wink}) thanks for sticking around ... that wasn't all that bad ... but i sure wish i had pictures in this post ... but i'm not going to venture there - already TMI!!


jox said...

Em -
Great that you are still playing license Cribbage. Just one thing about that. Aces are never worth 11 in cribbage only 1.

Colleen said...

These meme posts are always so informative! You crack me up! I would love to see some of those dance moves, maybe if wish #6 comes true, you and Andy could do a performance for us all!

Kedra Simpson said...

Okay, I have got to see the country dancing. I love to dance and have always wanted chad to join me but he won't.

Also, my family is a huge cribbage family. I used to even play with random people on the computer at work, don't tell. I will play with you any time!

tricki_nicki said...

Mmmyeeeaaah...you do know I'm not going to do this, right? It wouldn't be fair to the 100 other people who've tagged me and I've pretended not to see.

"What, meme? I don't know, there's something...I think I see...ummm, so anyway..."

But I DO love your new template...It's AWESOME!

Jennalee said...

I love the shout out to the Texas restraunts (I can't ever spell that word) btw we just came back from Saltgrass :) yum! I used to know how to play cribbage, I think we played it while I was in labor at the hospital the whole day with Zack or something but I'm clueless about the license plate way...AND how did you change your background without losing your blog roll? is that the longest comment? and I don't know why I use this as a form of dialogue to have with you? it's not like you can easily respond to my questions :) AND I'm sad that your country dancing days were while I was out of the country :)

Heidi said...

That was great! Thanks for doing it. :) (I love cribbage, too! And I'd love to see you country dance!)