i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

photographic recap of these many days that i have neglected to blog ...

after finding the perfectly petite tree ... we brought it home and proceeded to deck the halls and the tree, the counter tops, the table tops, the hutch, the shelves, the front porch and the walls!

andy and i went out with our best friends (the party) to The Melting Pot ... if you've never been - save your money (it's not cheap but worth every penny!!), make a reservation and go. it's the perfect restaurant for us, we like to eat and visit for hours on end. our dining experience usually lasts 3+ hours. this trip to The Melting Pot was double celebration for us! "Merry Christmas to The Party" and "Look Who's Gettin' Married - Engagement Party!" we are so happy to have a party of 6 now! yippy!! Congratulations you two!

as many of you know it's been a winter wonderland in the great northwest these past few days ... wednesday was our first snow day! and we didn't know that it was going to be the first day of winter break until today! no school thursday or friday! see ya next year!!
we couldn't resist the hill over at the Y and when we showed up with our plastic bags (yeah - we're ghetto - we don't own a sled ... we live in rainville!) a nice kid offer to let us use his sled! and we had a GREAT time!

last night when it started to really pile up - i decided that it would be fun to make ourselves a POLAR EXPRESS! it was a hit ... we decorated and ate a ton of candy ... and when we were all done - we had a masterpiece!

and do you know what happens when little hands get ahold of your camera?? they fill it up with pictures like these ... i have 86 shots like this ... and if you'll notice, the one in the bottom left corner is of his big sisters smiling - and not making any attempt to save my camera from the perilous hands of our resident 2 year old!!

i have told him 900 times not to play with my camera ... all he has to do is say:

and i melt!

[and before you say "why don't you put the camera up where he can't get it??" ... when i put it up out of his reach he climbs up to get it ... he's just following his heart i guess ... someday he'll be a famous photographer and we'll look back to these days and maybe i'll be able to sell his 'first works' for millions!!]

So that's what's been happening here the last few days ... i'm hoping to get some good pictures of us playing in the snow tomorrow - i was pitted out by the time we got out the door today ... and i didn't take any pictures! i'm hoping to get a good sled and find some great runs tomorrow ... cross your fingers! it's supposed to be sunny and 27 degrees!
Woohoo!! Snow Day #3!! SO FUN!!


Kedra Simpson said...

I love all the pics! How do you do that?

Tell your friend congrats for me. She was so nice when I met her that night after the enrichment meeting. i am happy for her!

and gotta love the melting pot!!

Colleen said...

I love these fun/busy weeks before Christmas...and the relax that comes after! And I am so happy for your awesome snow and fun snow-day activities! I love it!

Kristen said...

I love the Polar Express train. I think I'm going to have to steal your idea. Looks like you had fun in the snow too.

Super Angie said...

I love your humor Em! You make me realize I shouldn't take life so seriously! :)

We have been getting dumped on too and I LOVE IT! Yea for snow!! (boo on drivers who can't drive in the stuff...)