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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

where am i going to find a trash bag big enough!?

It's looking more and more like we will be selling our townhome and buying a house in the not so distant future. We have located the house we want and taken steps toward purchase ... now we have the daunting task of making our home presentable and desireable to those looking to buy a townhome. We had a real estate agent friend over to give us some pointers ... the recurring theme was 'get the junk out'. Basically we have to empty our house of everything that's not vitally essential, in an effort to 'stage' the house and make it look and feel bigger than it is. Truth be told - it already feels big ... we have just filled it up with a cluttery, disorderly, untidiness that FlyLady calls C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).I am convinced that it's plain and simple - we have TOO MUCH STUFF. I am going to take this opportunity to clear out. This is a difficult thing for me to do. I come from a long line of pack rats. My dad's mantra is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." I also grew up knowing that "if dad can't fix it - it ain't broke." It's part of my nature. I need to break the cycle!

Quite frankly, I find it liberating to throw out stuff. In fact, I spent several hours on Saturday organizing my scrapbook stuff and weeding out the junk. I want our house to be organized. I want to develop a habit of keeping things tidy. I want my mantra to be 'everything has a place and everything in it's place.' I think I may be forced to tie up my little mess makers ... For now I'm emptying my house of all non-essentials and filling my garage with boxes and furniture.

What habits help you to keep your homes tidy?


Emily said...

OH, Em! that is a mammoth task, indeed! good luck...wish i could come over and help you. I love to organize. and it feels SO good to get rid of superfluous junk. About the picture collages, I do all of my photo editing (the little that i do) using Google's (free) Picasa software. JUst google search it and download it...it's great! that is how i do those photo collages. and I am always willing to share tips and secrets :)

nicki said...

yay for getting a new house! i'm so excited to see it!

nicki said...

oh, and you know exactly what i do to keep my house tidy. i don't keep anything. and i clean WAY too much. i'm going to the park today, dangit.

danielle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. I LOVE your china hutch you did!!! Wow fabulous. As for tips on staying tidy, I am the LAST person on earth to ask about that. It is probably my number one biggest ordeal. I am a pack rat too. Anyway, I am glad to a have a new bogging friend. I see that you know my friend emily. Isn't she the best! love her.