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Thursday, May 3, 2007

"there's a first time for everything"

This morning as I watch my second son/fourth child, crawl/scoot across my wood floor, I am reminded of firsts. He has had a bunch of firsts in the last few weeks including finally being able to lift his-heavy-self up to actual crawling stance, french fries, and a top tooth. He can spot a piece of paper from 30 yards and now make his way to it, our little human-vacuum - who needs a Dyson!?

Another first, my near-perfectly organized husband, who tries to maintain order and control, carries the same things on his person at all times. He has his keys in the right hand pocket along with loose change and Bally's card, receipts and cash in the left, flashlight and leatherman in the holster on his belt at his left hip and his cell phone case on the right. If I (or anyone) borrow his flashlight for some reason he watches me like a hawk until I am finished and then he places it back where it belongs. He HATES to lose things and therefore puts things back where they go. This being the case, it's not hard to believe that he has never (as long as we have been married) locked himself out of the car with his keys inside ... until today! He called me and said, "You'll never guess what I just did ... should I call AAA or can you come?" I dragged Easton out of a sound-sleeping nap, packed up the kids and headed down the road in a hurry to rescue my handsome, stranded, and now normal husband.

Which brings us to my own little first ... As I hurried down the road I was not focused on the speed limit. I had to rescue Andy and be back in time to pick up Abi at school - clearly not concentrating on driving - my 5 and 2 year old fighting about "who was touching who and keep your hands off my stuff" in the back and my 8 month old hollering about being stuck in the car seat again and knowing that if I am late to get Abi she will tell me that this is the 6th time and I will officially be awarded the TerribleMotherOfTheYear Award - who can focus on driving!? Then in my rear view mirror ... red and blue lights - o crap.

I pulled over, the officer came up to my window and said that he had me on radar going 48 in a 35 and asked for my license. I said that I had no idea that I was going that fast, "I'm sorry." He took my license and said he'd be right back. Now for the part that is the 'first' - HE LET ME OFF WITH A WARNING!! Hooray! Thank you Mr. Officer Sir. I will be more careful and watch my speed (even if only until I can't see you anymore)!!

Needless to say firsts are exciting ... what are some of your memorable ones??

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