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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

'the legacy lives on'

I called my mom today to relate one of the many SillyShawShenanigans and ended with "I am in fact turning into my mother." to which she replied, "it sounds better if you say 'the legacy lives on' ..."
What was the most recent episode you ask?!
This past Fast Sunday it was testimony time in sacrament meeting and Abi was up on the stand waiting her turn and started fiddling around, talking to the 2 kids that were waiting also and she getting a little out of hand. I was trying to stare her down and 'will' her to look at me when all of a sudden I heard myself clear my throat. Abi looked directly at me and got the message to sit still and be reverent. The reason this was so funny is because I can pick my mom's 'ahem' out of a crowd and I always knew if she was 'ahem'-ing me I better shape up ... ahh the legacy lives on!
What legacies are you passing on??


Emily said...

Em...I was so happy to read that things are unfolding pleasantly with your house purchase endeavor. Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. Lovelovelove.

Chelle said...

Don't you love blogs? What a great community of great women-- especially ones 'in the trenches' like us!

Super Angie said...

Emily...I love your writings. Glad the legacy continues...


Tara said...

Yep I do sell Stampin' Up stuff...just started a few months ago...but I really love it..I mostly did to fund my habit!! :) I love reading your blog...you are a great writer! thanks for giving me a push...it's fun now to be do it! Hope house stuff goes well...send pics when you can...where are you moving too?

Amy said...

I loved this story Emily! Mostly because most of us moms out there can totally relate.