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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a blessing and a curse

our house is on the market ... it has been for a full week now ... we have had people come, an open house, and several flyers removed from the box attached to the sign out front. no offers yet but we are not losing hope. come on - it's only been a week. but - the pressure IS on ... we NEED to sell in order to buy and things need to come together just right, so say a little prayer for us!

just in case those of you who have SEEN my house don't believe (and for those of you who have not ... i refer you to my previous post entitled 'where am i going to find a trash bag big enough') these pictures may shock your socks off ...

it's a good thing you're all sitting at your computers ... i don't want to cause any bodily injury to viewers from fainting and/or astonishment!

the reason it's a blessing and a curse you ask!? it blesses my life to have a clean house for my husband to come home to, it blesses my life to not have the clutter and the disaster area that my house formerly was, it blesses my life because i am growing accustom to it -- which also curses my life ... i have a feeling that the boxes that now fill my garage with WhoKnowsWhatAll in them will be opened cautiously and with a large garbage can and DI box close at hand. again say a little prayer for me.


ashtrost said...

I learned through selling my house, that I can keep my house clean. It is possible. Our new house in Bothell is twice as big which means I have a place for things instead of clutter on top of clutter. Oh and we have lots of boxes in our new garage now have random stuff in them from moving. I am scared to go there.

aliciadiane said...

good job em! it will happen!

Jennalee said...

your house looks awesome! inspiring even!!! can you come and do mine now :) we're praying for ya...with a little hope that you will LIKE moving enough to do it a little closer to ME next time!much love and there you go, I commented

Tara said...

Hope it all goes well and stressless!! We will be prayin' for ya. I am with Jennalee...a little closer please! It's not so bad here! Where are you moving to?

Emily said...

oh, Em...we're in this together (the selling of house process,) I'll pray for you if you do the same for me :) Your house looks impeccable. Here's hoping for quick sales.

Chelle said...

Hooray for your clean house. When my husband was in charge for a couple of days last week he did what I couldn't bring myself to do: declutter the kids rooms. He got rid of so much, I was shocked. But you know what? I love the clean feeling, now that all that "stuff" is gone. It was cluttering my mind. Know what I mean?
Best of luck with the home sale!

michelleijordan said...

WOW!! And good luck. Your house looks like a mansion compared to this little place in Delhi, India!! I'm so happy for you and hope you get through it without too much stress. I miss you!! We are already planning a trip to Seattle after Christmas...Januaryishhhh. We will see you soon!!!! Love you!!

me said...

I'm never to sure how to respond to people's comments ... meaning do I respond here or send email dierctly to each person incase the commentor isn't like me and doesn't return several times to see if there are other comments and then explore the lives of the new commentors. That being said I will take my cues from EmilyAnne (she's an awesome writer and you should definitely take a minute and discover her world!)
Ashley - Amen! and I'm scared for me too and we haven't even moved yet!
Alicia - thanks for your help!
Jennalee - thank you and I'd LOVE to come do yours ... maybe someday we'll be neighbors - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Tara - thanks for your prayers and we are only moving 10 minutes north ... not a huge big deal but it's a house ... and a YARD that's the highlight of the move!
Emily - cheers (clink me) to quick sales!
Chelle - hooray for husbands!!
Michelle - I can't wait to see you!!!
Everybody - I love to read your comments, thanks for all your kind words and for having blogs for me to read and escape my own personal chaos for a few minutes!!

Super Angie said...

I am tardy in my response...sorry! HIP HIP HORAY! Your house looks awesome and its sure to sale fast. :)

Best of luck! :)

Amy said...

I love that clean house feeling!
My house kicks my butt many times over the course of a month... somehow the evil clutter elves sneak in a mess up my hard work! UGH!
A new house, a fresh clutter-free start. Good on ya!

Abi said...

Good luck Emily! I can't imagine having to sell our house. It would be hard for me to make sure the house was clean and clear of clutter for those potential buyers! I hope it ends fast and smoothly for you!!