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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

life as we know it has changed forever

Time to break out the baby gates!! Easton climbed the stairs all the way to the top. Yesterday after naps the 3 biggest were up in the girl's room playing and Easton and I were down in the living room - I was surfing and reading my favorite blogs and he was milling around among the toys, tables, and television. He could hear the kids upstairs and it must have been impossible to resist. Suddenly it was too quiet behind me, I turned around to see where all the silence was coming from ... it was the lack of Easton in the room! I peered into the kitchen, not there; powder bath, nope; hm ... I looked up the stairs and saw this ...

Of course I was concerned for his safety ... but I couldn't pass up the chance for some pictures! (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I was forming the title and text of this blog all the while it was happening ... )

Up he goes ... following the noise ...


The gang turned out for the victory party at the top of the stairs!

Had any exciting victories in your neck of the woods lately!?


Chelle said...

Oh, I am laughing about the clicking of pictures and forming the blog title in your head... too funny.

I think that blogging is a wonderful way to capture these moments and milestones. I read somewhere recently that blogging is like the frosting on your life (with life being the cake!)

The picture of your kiddos at the top of the stairs is too cute.

Super Angie said...

AWESOME! Way to go kiddo! :)

Emily, I love how we are so much alike...surfing the net...oh wait, where are the kids? lol

You asked about Victories...lets see, today I had one of my babysitters come and instead of babysitting, I paid her to CLEAN! She did an awesome job. Now couple that with my new yummy candle smells, my house feels peaceful and cozy and happy--now thats a victory all SUPER MOMS want! :)

Love ya!

Abi said...

Woo hoo for Easton! That really is a big step (no pun intended) in life!

ashtrost said...

Hi Emily, this is Ashley Trost. I am adding you to my list of bloggers. I love reading your site b/c you are so funny!!