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Thursday, September 20, 2007

resolutions anyone?

Stake Conference was this last Sunday and we had the opportunity to hear from President Hinckley. What a blessing! Our Stake President (Duce) spoke to us Saturday evening and taught us about studying and pondering the scriptures. He gave us a list of things that we can ALL do ...

1) Personal prayer - morning and night
2) Daily scripture study
3) Personal grooming - be presentable
4) Set and live by a schedule - be organized
5) Set and achieve goals
6) Keep the commandments - strive for personal righteousness
7) Live the standards of the gospel - carry a current temple recommend
8) Be honest

Some will be easier to incorporate into my scatter-brained life than others. When I was a missionary I did these things automatically - scripture study time was allocated, and living by a schedule and setting goals to achieve were part of the program. I naturally lived the standards of the gospel and kept the commandments. I worked to be presentable everyday and set an example for all the people that I came into contact with each day.
In all honesty - all I really need to set aside time for is daily scripture study - which, if I set a schedule, will be part of my daily activities. All it takes is discipline. Start making habits that will be automatic again.
Who says you have to wait until January to set resolutions!? I resolve to do these things and make them habit.
What new habits are you working on?

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Super Angie said...

My favorite habit that just feels so awesome is climb 3000 vertical feet 3 or more times a week. I end up burning 1000 calories doing it and it only takes 55 minutes. WOO HOO!! Seriously, I love working out and I love how fast my body is changing.

My other favorite habit...blogging. I enjoy it a lot. :)