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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TV: total vacuity (had to look it up)

I have just completed watching the season openers to half of my shows ... sad that I have multiple that have sucked me in. Sadder still that there are more than one on most nights. I might even venture to say : Pathetic. I am hooked, the people in the marketing department of these shows have done their jobs well.
It all started with CSI: and it has blossomed to so much more ... they added CSI:NY and then they opened CSI:Miami (which, by the way is NOT my fave, but somehow I am drawn to watch it every Monday) and from there NCIS and Criminal Minds and just for fun I picked up Numbers. Then my shows started to double up! Monday is only CSI: Miami, The Bachelor is on at the same time but it's okay because this Bachelor seems like a real nice southern gentleman - but the women ... whoa! There is going to be too much drama, cleavage and nasty language this time around - I am happy to not be watching. Tuesday is NCIS and Beauty and the Geek also on at the same time! So now I have to watch B&G on cwtv.com. Wednesday is America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds and CSI:NY - one right after another. Thursday is Survivor, CSI: and then Without a Trace (also not a favorite). Friday: Numbers, Sunday: Shark.
Luckily my obsession with the television started when I only had channel 7 ... otherwise really - can you imagine!? We got Dish Network a year ago so that we could watch General Conference at home and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 channels - and yet CBS has a loyal patron in me.
Long story short, I am weak. Unable to withstand the tempation of the vacuum that is my television. I freely admit that some of 'my' shows scare the "bageeses"(pronounced ba-jeez-es) out of me and I have on occasion turned it off for fear that I'd have nightmares. I frequently glance at the stairwell to make sure that my kids are not sneeking a peek while they should be in their beds. That right there should tell me that I shouldn't be watching these shows!! It's terrible. I know it. I confess. Although, I do not want to forsake. Does that make me a bad person!?


Nicki said...

I think you ought to repent of this atrocious behavior immediately. Really, Emily, I'm appalled. Hmmm...I thought I put it...oh, there's my Diet Coke.

aliciadiane said...

I know how you feel, I have a few shows and I kind of hate that. But it too hard to stop.

Jennalee said...

we also have added a few this season to our already stupid amount of crap that we watch! we are loyal nbc fans though :) all i have to say is dual tuner dvr baby!