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Friday, September 7, 2007

we did it! 3 whole days!!

after much deliberation including consulting weather.com, the weather man and 'encouragement' from our good friend Alicia - we finally decided that we would not be true seattleite-washingtonians if we never experienced a campout in the rain! I ran some errands before loading up and requested prayers for sunshine from the Conlin clan. We packed all the proper attire and necessities for protection from the LiquidSunshine (amidst intermittent showers!!) and headed to our fave campground Cascade Park! We had planned to arrive there about 5ish ... as per usual we were running late and unfortunately the Wrights were running a little later. We arrived around 7pm and hurried to set up before the sun went down ... the Wrights showed up about an hour later and we all pitched in to get their tent up in the dark! Saturday morning I expected the rain to drizzle but to my great-big-smiley-faced surprise it was sunny!! Sadly, I was so prepared for rain that I didn't put in the swimsuits!! We made due and got wet and sandy down at the river. Trav swam with the kids while the rest of the adults stood on the bank and put our feet in a little! Saturday evening the campers that had been there Friday night packed up and left. We were left with free reign of the whole campground! The missionary couples that are the caretakers came around on their 'jeeps' and gave the kids rides every once in a while - that by far was the greatest service they provided for us!! Sunday morning we woke early because Andy's battery that was running his sleep machine ran out of juice!! We got up and started the fire. Nicki came out and said that she had been wrestling with a migraine and feeling sick. She climbed in her van, turned on the heater and slept for a while - trying to sleep off the effects. The rest of us went fishing at Andy's parent's lot and when we came back she was feeling a little better - no longer thinking that she'd have to leave early. Our Sunday was pretty quiet - we didn't make it to the Ice Caves as we had planned ... but it was pleasant. Monday morning we woke to overcast skies ... just perfect so that we didn't sweat too much taking down camp. We had breakfast and then packed up while the kids played and rode the jeep with the missionaries!
All in all it was a great time had by all and we are so glad we decided to go!! I know that I would have been really upset had we decided not to go! We missed not having Alicia with us - next time! We learned a few things on this trip:
1) bring more clothes that you think you'll need
2) put in the swim suits ... even if you think it's gonna rain!
3) dinners can be simple - especially for the kids!
4) bring activities for the kids!!
and most important
5) take friday off - go up early and set up - make it a good long weekend!
We did it!!

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