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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

looks can be deceiving!

this past sunday, when we left the primary appreciation dinner the presidency handed these out to the teachers (both of the men got bags of candy!). if you look real close there's a line on note that says: "of course don't take a sip" - too bad elyssa didn't read the note before wrapping her lips around the straw! in trying to sneak a taste, instead she got a mouthful of bubble bath! YUCK! her face was priceless ... too bad i wasn't on the ball enough to get a picture! i guess i was too busy helping her wash it out and explaining the consequences for not asking before touching things that are not yours.


Colleen said...

Ha ha! That is so something Ben or Josh would do, which is why I hid it under the sink in my bathroom before I went to bed! Poor Elyssa!

iamjennycook said...

that makes me want to barf! And she didn't even do anything to deserve getting that soap in her mouth, oh well, guess she gets a free-be now Em!

Super Angie said...

Oh thats so funny! Thanks for sharing.