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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

not again!!

a while back ... the beginning of 2007, andy and i were broken into during a CHURCH meeting! as if that wasn't bad enough the theives wrote a check out of my check book at Fred Meyers and got cash back (only $5 - basically smash 'n grab theives aren't very bright and/or devious) and to make matters worse when the bank stopped payment on the check we got a NSF report and they tried to hit us up for the $25. Idiots!
then last night thieves were running amok in our neighborhood ... just outside my garage door! (see ... if i could park inside my garage ... but that's neither here nor there) i went out to drive abi to school and opened the door to put easton in and noticed the glove box was open. then i got that sinking feeling i get when i realize i have done something dumb. sure enough ... i had left my purse in the van!! it had been dumped and my wallet had been ransacked. what was missing you ask?? my license, a $5 bill, my temple recommend, 2 shades of brown eye shadow, brown mascara and my mint chapstick! they didn't take my debit card ... or the coins ... or my safeway, albertsons, or costco cards. BAH!! i hate that violated feeling - i was noticably shaken, i called 911 - at the adamant request of my 3 oldest kids.
then i called andy. he was unsympathetic and asked me why i left my purse in the car ... thanks for your comfort dear.
my mom called in the midst of talking to the sheriff's office and when i called her back, she too was as comforting as my dear husband. she said, "i just want to know one thing - don't you ever learn?"
"thanks mom. that makes me feel tons better."
"i'm sorry that happened to you, honey."
sometimes i just need someone to say "that's terrible - those dang theives!!" and not remind me of my stupidity!
i'm grateful for my personal safety and the safety of my family - but look out theives ... it's Christmas time and Santa is watching! i'll venture to say that your names are on the Naughty List!!


Carrie said...

I had my car broken into at the dog park a few years ago, and the stinkin thieves stole my wallet etc...but....they also stole our season tickets to the Mariners. When I called my dad he said...."Why would you leave the tickets in your purse?"
Geez dad, cause I was hoping someone would steal them!
Anyway...Emily, I am really sorry that happened to you. It is a terrible feeling especially to have happened in your own neighborhood.

Whimsy said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry this happened to you! That's just awful. Especially at this time of year.

iamjennycook said...

That sucks! I feel horrible for you! I don't care how many times this can happen to a person it is still violating and frustrating! Sorry Em!

Super Angie said...

UGH!!!! I am soooo sorry. I would have been freaking out...sounds like you handled it okay (called the right people etc). People suck sometimes, don't they? (talking about the Thieves...not family for saying silly things!!...just had to make that clear! :))

Go buy some new Mint Chapstick...it will make you feel better! :)

Colleen said...

What jerkies! Sorry!!! My car was broken into last year just before Christmas too, at a charity fun run for goodness sake! They took my wallet (with Adam's $100 birthday gift money from his parents)and my FAVORITE COAT! But fortunately missed my ipod, whew! It was a big pain in the bootie! But I also know what you mean about the violation. It just made me feel so sad and yucky all day. Sorry that happened. I am glad they didn't get anything more or take your debit card!

nicki said...

I did't say you were stupid. You should be able to leave your dang purse in your dang car. Those bad, bad theives. Definitely on the naughty list!!