i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hopefully third time will be the charm ...

she didn't pick him ... but he is such a great guy that someday he'll fall in love forever.

at first i was disappointed and sad - a little upset even - that DeAnna didn't pick Jason in the end. but after watching 'the bachelorette-after the final rose' show ... i'm feeling better. (i had to watch it online cuz my DVR didn't record it!!)
Jason is awesome - he was in high school and is even better now! shoot - america loves him! he's a fantastic daddy and an all-around terrific guy. he's going to make some lucky girl the happiest girl in the world. hm ... who can i set him up with?? and will he be the next bachelor??


JustRandi said...

Hey Emily! I don't watch the bachelor. (but maybe I should start, he's kinds cute!)
But I just popped in to say thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I'm so glad you liked the post, and I'd love for you to come by anytime!

Kedra Simpson said...

Both Chad and I were pretty made that she didn't pick him. I feel the same as you and felt better after watching the post show. I think Jason is absolutely amazing and I think that there will be plenty of women falling at his feet.

Jeremy said...

How is that better than Avatar?!