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Saturday, July 19, 2008

recon work for our family reunion - pike place market

our friday field trip yesterday was the first part of reconnaissance for our upcoming scavenger hunt as part of the leo ford family reunion! nicki and i took our 7 kids under age 8 'to market, to market to buy a fat NOTHING!' well, maybe some carmel corn and a hot chocolate ... and an apple, some grapes, a nectarine and ... that'll be it thanks!

it started out being a little cold:

but ended up being quite a nice outting - slightly boring for kidlets that just wanted to run around! but see what we got to see!?
Seattle's Finest Fire Boat and a musical quartet with a really cool looking bass!

the seafair clowns were out handing out their stickers and what are friends for ... if not to take pictures of you on the automatic self-cleaning toilet??

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