i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

and then there were 30 days ...

11/1 - Abi's baptism (post complete)

excuse #1 for not posting in november: 7pm Easton started barfing ... and didn't quit until abi followed suit in the middle of the night on the 3rd, elyssa joined the ranks at 5am. thankfully ammon never threw up at all - he's our child that's healthy as an ox. he certainly needs to be taken outside to run around everyday!!

11/4 - Election day ... i was inspired by my good friend Colleen and i started writing my feelings down about the historic election... i want my thoughts recorded for my posterity. the election of 2008 was one that i followed closer than any other. i have never been a political genius - i typically ask Jennalee or my dad which way i should be voting - and it has usually been republican across the board. i am not close-minded ... i just know what i believe and the elephants tend to follow my morals and ideals. as for this particular election ... there was a member of the church running in the beginning and i really wanted him to make it to the white house. Mitt Romney is a great man, politically as well as morally. but when it came down to the last two standing, our choices were an old, white, seasoned, war vet and his strong, smart, spunky, mother of 5 (the last being downs syndrome) running mate ... vs. a young, black, newbie politician and his old, flip-flopping, seasoned, good old boy running mate.

i think what sealed the deal for me was this: Obama thinks it's ok for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman, he also thinks it's ok for a mother to rid herself of a baby growing inside of her ... if she feels like it. out of the mouths of babes ... these are the 2 things that are most vital to my children and family. Abi was certainly the most concerned about these two facts and therefore we, as a family, voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

they were not victorious in the end ... and though it was not the way that i wanted it to work out (and my daughters worry that Obama is going to make it so that they can't marry boys) i feel that this was an election year that will go down in history. and i am proud that i was able to vote. this election was pivotal for 2 reasons: there was a woman running as VP and a black man running for President, for the first time in history! and now - more than before - every man, woman and child can have a dream ... anyone and everyone can run for the most powerful political position in our country (shoot - in the world).

i have a hope for the next 4 years and many more to come ... that the country will recover from this economic downward spiral and that when we look back on this we'll see that history was made and that we had a hand in it.

11/5 - 11/11 - i was consumed with the upcoming enrichment meeting.

11/12 - Circle of Friends Enrichment Meeting!! the only hitch was the green salad that was frozen and yucky ... but i was the only one that was worried about any of that! the comments and conversations were all upbeat, gracious, and more than approving of our efforts! it was wonderful and FUN!

5:00AM on 11/13 - i was awake and getting myself ready to go to the airport. i spent the next 5 days in texas with my little big sister ... attending meetings that she spoke at, chaperoning the youth dance, shopping, hanging out, going to church and most importantly stringing Christmas Lights around her upper roof line and on top of her roof!! (picture coming)

it was a wonderful trip and best of all my family was cared for by the best husband, granny and visiting teacher of all time!

excuse #2 for not posting in november: i was outta town ... (and there's no internet in Texas?! - i know - go figure!!)

11/18 - i returned to the great northwest ... and had to catch up with my life! my house was immaculate - andy's so good a keeping on top of the mess!

11/19 - ammon's preschool was here!! we had 6 four year olds here from 9:30 - 11:30, learning about things that start with K! king, kangaroo, keys, koala, keyboard, etc.

12:00 i picked up my tickets for "The Forgotten Carols"

5:30 time to feed the missionaries

6:00 abi and i leave for "The Forgotten Carols"

6:15 park in 'event $5 parking' near the Everett Events Center by granny - cuz that's where she parked...

6:17 discover that we're supposed to be at the Everett Civic Auditorium because there's a hockey game about to start at the events center ... guess who didn't look at her tickets and gave directions to everybody leading them to believe that we were supposed to be at the events center - yours truly

6:20 stop at Taco del Mar for dinner

6:25 hoof it, in the cold, east 2 blocks and south 4 blocks to the civic auditorium

6:45 discover there are a ton of free parking places near the correct venue ...

6:50 get in line with 100 or so other people waiting to find their seats

7:30 - 10:00 enjoy the most wonderful start to Christmas there could be! this is going to be my new tradition! what a perfect way to kick off this holiday season! i bought a souvenir book for abi (this musical was part of her birthday present) and we had all the actors sign the inside cover.

10:15 while driving home remember that i had my camera with me - even took pictures of us before the show - and didn't take any of abi or myself with Michael McLean!! DUH!

excuse #3 for not posting in november: shoot ... i can't find time to sleep let alone blog!!

11/20 - enrichment third thursday craft night ... but nobody came - so robyn and i visited and she showed me how to do vinyl lettering so that we can do it for our january craft night!

because i had the time ... i called kedra and asked if she and nolan were up for visitors. i went over and got a baby-fix for about a half hour.

11/21 - YOGA finally, after missing 9 classes - 3 weeks! then andy came home during naps and quiet time so i could go with my mother-in-law to a craft fair!

that evening i did some presentations for a company that i'm starting to work with ...

11/22 - 10am-noon a meeting down near IKEA, home about 2 ish and then robyn and i went and delivered our visiting teaching message. i had planned for andy and i to take the girls and see High School Musical 3, but andy's sister offered to take them - she wanted to see it too! so we dropped them off and we took the boys to costco. they were having a boeing employee/BECU event! the place was PACKED!! but there was free food, goodies, samples, gift certificates and wow it was awesome! especially because we signed up all 4 of our kids up for savings accounts and got $25 gift cards to costco for each! Merry Christmas!!

11/23 - i forgot until i bolted out of bed at 8:05 that i was supposed to be practising/warming up with the choir at 8:25!! andy has been a real trooper these last few weeks while i've been otherwise occupied - he's the BEST husband EVER!!

11/24 - started this post ... and you can see by the length - if you are still with me - that i couldn't finish it all in one day!!

thank you for your friendship through my incommunicado state this month!
and the reason for the title: i am SO behind in my preparation for Christmas! this is the first time in my 9 years of marriage that i am not finished buying, decorated and ready to just enjoy December!! and now i only have 30 days!! wish me luck!


Jessica said...

Well you kept my attention! What a busy month, only to probably get a little bit busier with thanksgiving! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!! I love reading your blog and keeping up on your adventures!

Colleen said...

What a month! I hope you get a couple of relaxing days around Thanksgiving before the Christmas madness begins (not that the madness is unwelcome, I can't wait!). I love your catch up post! I missed you!

The Ahlstrom Family said...

What a fun post to read! :) Glad November is almost over and we can get down to the real reason we have winter ~ Christmas!!

Heidi said...

Holy smokes, Emily!! What a busy and fun month you've had! We're glad to have you back. :)