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Thursday, June 11, 2009

wow ... where did may go?!

wow ... after writing every day in april it seems like i've been neglecting my poor blog! but it's been a relief to not be setting new goals {although - maintaining the 33 i gave myself ... isn't so easy either! nearly paralyzing to be perfectly honest ...}

so what have i been doing the entire month of may and the first part of june you ask ...
let me share:

i need to back track a little and show you a few april pics ...

my van's power steering went out ... blew up in my garage

but the rest of my birthday was great!
while sitting at dinner i discovered that 'somebody' had been playing with my camera ... it's best to aim at non-reflective surfaces if you want to keep your identity a secret!
we spent May Day at the Tulips!
May 15th i got to see some old friends ... well they're not old ... cuz that would mean that i am old (which i'm not) but i haven't seen these guys in YEARS!!
David, Taylor and Michael Proudfit
Ammon started playing T-ball on May 11th ... but is first game was Memorial Day weekend.
since we didn't go camping ... we spent the weekend with the Wrights on their boat!
Ni-ee and Trav are so nice ... they share their boat with us.
such a beautiful weekend!
one last group photo before we go!!
saving this story for my next post ... suffice it to say ... i hurt myself right before my little big sister came to town!
the entire Wiscombe clan (+Devon, Josie and Andy)!
jennalee brought only her baby-est - 2 month old Josie Jean
everybody loved to hold her ... and some of us wish we had one at our house ...
Devon was the baby holder - when Josie cried ... she needed Devon!
what a cute dimple you have Devon!
Our last Family Photo before our baby brother goes on his mission.

he will be serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission - entered the MTC yesterday!
so there you have it ... my life in pictures ...
stay tuned for all the gorey details of the bruised up, swollen, gross-ness that is my left leg ...


Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

WOW! Looks like a great month of May. I can't beleive your little bro is on a mission now. Wow!

Cute pics.

Man, wish I had a boat, or a friend with a boat...talk about FUN!

Happy Summer!

Colleen said...

How can I even comment on all that?! Your ankle looks terrible...the comparison picture, YUCK! The kids look like they've been up to fun things. I miss you friend! Hopefully I will see you soon!

Amy said...

What a busy month!! i hope your leg is doing better. I bet it was lots of fun to have your whole family together!!

jennycooks said...

Your ankle looks terrible!!! Are you okay?! And why didn't I hear about this?!

Have to say, the boating pic's made me miss my shaw and wright friends - looks like you guys had fun!

Jennalee looks so great - and baby Josie isn't looking as jennalee-ish as some of her's do - she looks like a good mix of both good-lookin parents.

What a good lookin family you guys are!

johnflinn said...

you're back!

wiscombe, you look so much like your dad, wow! and i laughed at that last photo... is that your husband in the background (far right) not realising he's being caught on camera?!

Kedra Simpson said...

Nice, last picture before the injury! I love all the pictures with short little comments to do some catching up....thats what I need to do with my blog! How do you cluster pictures??

The Ahlstrom Family said...

Awesome post!! What cute pictures! It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately - minus the foot! Yikes!

Jennalee said...

wow! holy long post of america!! :) glad I was closer than usual for some of it :) and I agree...that comparison photo of the legs is yuck! hopin it gets better faster!