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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where were you?

watching the Olympics in the ER
me: Hey Abi ... where were you when Apolo Ohno skated into history in the Men's Speedskate short-track 1,000-meter final Saturday night making him the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian with seven career medals?
a: I was in the hospital.
me: why?
a: I split my head open.
me: how?
a: I was playing a game with my cousins and when my oldest cousin got the ball away from me he pushed me down and I hit my head on the bed post.
the 'smack-dab' middle of her head
me: yikes! that must have hurt! Did you know your head was split open right when it happened?
a: No ... it hurt and I was crying with my face in a pillow (cuz i didn't want them to think i was a baby) and had my hands on the back of my head and felt the hole with my finger and then started SCREAMING!! "I have a hole in my head!!!"
me: I remember ... you came down the stairs screaming just as Granny and Papa were getting ready to head home. What was my reaction ... do you remember?
a: you yelled, "why are you screaming bloody murder??"
me: I think I was a little more concerned than that ... I remember seeing the blood and hustling you into the bathroom to get a better look. I told Granny that I wanted Papa to take a look at it ... I remember mouthing to her "it's really deep - it's going to need stitches". You kept yelling at me, "I don't want my head to get sewn up!!" You were a little hysterical ...
a: What does hysterical mean?
me: you were crazy a little bit ... I asked Papa to give you a blessing and then we (Granny, Papa, me and you) went to the Emergency Room. Did you have to get stitches?
3 staples ...
a: No, I got staples ... 3 of them.
me: Dad guessed that would happen ... but I thought he was joking ... and then the Dr. said that would be the best option. Did it hurt?
me: They gave you a few shots to numb the area didn't they?
a: Yeah, but it still hurt!!
me: How long will you have the staples in your head?
a: 10 days ... and then I want them to put me to sleep when they take them out.
me: They won't ... it will be all healed and shouldn't hurt to take them out! Are you mad at your cousin?
a: No - I didn't tell anyone in the hospital his name cuz I didn't want to make him feel bad.
me: That was really nice of you ... What did you learn from this experience?
a: Never to play ball in my room!
me: Good idea ...

Happy Cousins ...


Jen said...

Ouch. I cracked my head open twice as kid. Once my brother dropped me on a tile floor and once I fell off my bike. Glad she was ok. And yes the staples don't hurt coming out at all.

tricki_nicki said...

Oh man - not fun!

jennycooks said...

Oh my gosh! I need to check peoples blogs more often. Or I guess just plain ol' call my good friends! So glad Abi's okay!

Colleen said...

YIPES! That's a bad one! When the took the staples out of my c-section I was scared too, but they didn't give me any pain meds and it didn't hurt AT ALL. It just felt weird, but not bad weird, just weird.

Aunna said...

I felt a little light headed just looking at the pictures! Youch!