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Sunday, July 18, 2010

ahhh ... Sunday ...

church at 9 isn't easy ... we're late often ... and we choose to sit in the very front row for a few reasons: first, to possibly embarrass/encourage my children to be reverent ... because "the bishop can see you!"; second, it's usually open, even when we're late; third, i like to hear what's being said; fourth, my people are easily distracted and with no one in front of us ... less distraction; and fifth, it's where my family sat when i was a kid ... i'm accustom to it, and when we sit in the back people wonder where we are! tradition!!

today was not different, slightly late, walking in after the opening prayer to land in the front ... Elyssa wants to sit by mom and easton is the baby and is supposed to sit by mom ... mom and dad sit next to each other and so elyssa got sat on ... and then talked to thru clenched teeth a little harshly in her ear ... reprimanded for making a scene again (she's our one ... cuz every family needs one).  i have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes ... but oh well ... we have all been there!

sacrament meeting was great - fabulous youth speakers (love the story about the room with all the drawers ... i've heard it before but i've gotta remember to get that from whitney and post it ... so good!), excellent adult speakers (sometimes i wish sacrament meeting was longer ... i know keri could have gone on longer and i love to listen to her!  brian's talk was great too ... he had some great personal stories that make me smile to myself and think 'ah yes ... been there!' and say to myself 'i'm having growth spurts more often than i'd like ... so often sometimes that the growing pains are quite unpleasant ... but i'm learning - i hope!")

sunday school - even though i was late arriving - was great.  the influence of good leaders is super important ... but the personal/conscience choice to do what is right is paramount to getting you where you want to be in the end ... and for me - that's with my Heavenly Father!

relief society is always wonderful!  amy's lesson could have gone on and on and i would not have minded at all!  we just got to discussing how we can, as mothers/daughters/sisters/wives/teachers, sustain and encourage the priesthood in our homes, ward, and community.  it was a great lesson!

we came home to a slightly messy house and had our home teachers coming at 2 so we had lunch and did a little bit of a panic pick up to be ready for them and granny to come for dinner. 

our home teachers talked to us about being good friends.  we want to be great friends like Jesus was ... we want to be like Jesus.

granny and papa came to dinner and brought tilapia foil dinners for grilling outside!  surprise!!  it was yummy! ammon was the only kid that tried it - not a surprise.  elyssa had froot loops, abi had grilled chicken, easton had a reheated cheeseburger and ammon had a grilled cheese sandwich, several bites of tilapia, half of easton's cheeseburger and ceasar salad (he's a growing boy).  andy and i had tilapia and ceasar salad - yum!

after dinner we watched the pioneer commemoration concert from SLC ... (i dvr'd it if anyone missed it) love motab!

now i'm frantically getting packed and ready for girls camp in the morning ... i don't have to be to the church until 9am but i don't what to be sweating in the morning.  man, it's a good thing i'm bringing my own car!  loading up now ... got my checklist ... wish me luck!


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


jennycooks said...

you're going to girls camp?! I am so jealous!!

And yes, I love Sundays too... Occasionally.... more so now that Chris is in charge of Brayden! he is a whirling dervish!