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Monday, August 9, 2010

blogging commitments not my forte ...

right ... so 'summer' and 'schedule' don't really go in the same sentence around the shaw household ... although a few years ago (2006) i tried to do a set summer schedule of activities and such ... i called it the Shaw's Sensational Summer! i had a "stay-home" plan and a "field-trip" plan ... scheduled out the day from 7:30am to 7:30pm and had free time, quiet time, and play time scheduled! Then 2007 it was SuperFabuloso ShawFamily SummerFun!! we did theme weeks, had a stay home and field trip schedule again ... play time, chore time, reading time, art time; mapped out from 7:30 to 7:30 ... and as i recall we were hit and miss with those schedules. this summer we've mostly been going to bed late and getting up late and doing whatever floats our boat (except our boat was dragged to TX a couple months ago ... boo hoo) and enjoying the sunshine when we have it. i have missed the Y, mostly because my people don't want to go everyday and partly because i'm lazy ... the one thing that i rarely skip in my daily routine is quiet time. though my people don't really cooperate and i have to get after them ... my babiest has a nap and the cranky 3 almost 4 year old is virtually non-existent!
remember how i said i was going to do the blogging 365 thing ... yeah ... i slack, i'm slacking, i'm a slacker ...
on the other hand:
i blog, i'm blogging, i'm a blogger ... in all my days in the blogosphere i have posted many a-blog and made many a-goal, and said "this time i'll really do it" many a-time. but let's face it, i do pretty ok ... could do better, want to do my best, sometimes i spurt, have long surges of daily narratives, interspersed with dry periods of occasional history reports ... i would really like to be an ex-spurt blogger (get it 'expert' - hee hee!) i can not guarantee, take an oath, or vow to blog every single day ... but i've got my phone reminding me daily at 2:30pm (mid-quiet time) 'have you blogged today?'

there are some things i'd like to go back and write down/type up - remember, so stay tuned ... if you want ... there is no obligation/compulsion/duty/responsibility/requirement here ... we just do our best.
just a little peace and quiet

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