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Monday, July 12, 2010

if you were to ask me ...

what my favorite pass time is ... i might humm and hahh and tap my finger on my head trying to decide between a few of the things that i really like to do ... such as read, walk around walmart in the middle of the night talking to my sister in texas, watch reality tv, sit on the beach in hawaii, go away anywhere with my handsome husband, visit the blogoshere, step aerobics, yoga ... i could go on ... but you get the idea.  there are a lot of things i really like to do.  but if you were to ask me what my favorite thing to do is ... i'd have to say this:
sitting with girlfriends, for hours on end, talking about everything under the sun, solving the world's problems, sharing funny stories, birth stories, adventures, talking about our crazy mommy lives and the eventual poop/barf/oh no! story, helping each other be better mommies, feel better about our mothering skills, feel better about our own lives in general because we are in the same boat, some of us a little farther along than others and full of wisdom to share (ha!), some of us more 'street smart' with better wisdom to share ... but all the same ...
all while our collective 20 children play and visit and run around.  ahh ... what could be better??
here's 14 of the 20
 - it was all we could do
to get these ones to cooperate!

it was extra fun to have the Conlin Chaos in on all the fun!!

friends are the best!

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