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Monday, June 21, 2010

again with the stitches!?

 as if getting the stitches put in wasn't bad enough ... what with the holding him down and the screaming and the crying and the fighting ... i was sick to my stomach just watching it all and a little light-headed with all the tortured noises coming from my baby. it was a good thing Andy was there ... i don't think i could have taken it if i was by myself.

Had to have one last picture of the stitches ...

tears and labored breathing started when the dr
showed him what she was going to do ...

it shouldn't hurt very much ... but when a stranger comes at you with scissors ...
then the fight is on, the crying insues and he wanted to just keep the stitches!

and after all was said and done there was a small piece of stitch left inside his lip ... because he wiggled around and she accidentally cut off the knot and left the stitch ... she said it would work it's way out but we weren't convinced.  it was a little red at bedtime so we totured him a little bit more in our bathroom and got it out. 

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