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Friday, February 15, 2008

our heart day

dinner: Alfy's heart-shaped pizza!
dessert: homemade heart-shaped chocolate chip bread (made from a muffin mix)
after making a valentine haul at school we delivered the majority of our valentines to our church friends and teachers ... then met andy and ammon at Alfy's. grandma, grandpa and ann joined us and we had ourselves some yummy all-you-can-eat salad bar and heart-shaped pizza! it was time for bed when we got back home. survivor was good ... csi was a re-run (thank heaven the strike is almost over!)
so much for having christmas put away completely ...

survivor isn't andy's favorite ... so he opted to collect and take out the garbage - the garbage man comes to our neighborhood friday morning. while he was out there he decided to take down my lights - how proactive of him ... reason 15 that i love him: be it dishes, vacuuming, or taking down my lights ... when he sees a job that needs to be done - he does it (most of the time).

it has been tradition that i put them up - i take them down ... that includes all holiday decorations especially christmas! therefore he didn't know where to put them ... once he had removed them from the trees. he came in and said "em, can you come outside for a minute? i, um, took down the lights ... " "what?? - why?" "mostly because it's dry." we made quick work of the bush lights and i couldn't leave up the house lights ... so i donned my wellies and got the step ladder out and finished the job. thanks honey - you know how to jump start the christmas light removal!

i finished watching survivor at about 10:ish (dsl is sent from heaven) and since everything else besides the news is a rerun ... i turned off the tv and finally had a shower - while spending all day in my workout clothes is comfortable, it's not very 'valentine-y' of me. andy was working on his computer when i came back down (smelling MUCH better) he said that he was almost done so i chatted with alicia for a little bit and then andy closed his computer and went up to get ready for bed. i turned out the lights and grabbed the bottle of bubbly (martinelli's) and 2 glasses and headed up the stairs - mid-flight the doorbell rang and my cell started ringing almost in sync. i looked out the peep hole to see andy's dad and sister ... i grabbed my phone and told alicia to hang on. i opened the door to find out that his sister wanted to have some movies that she had accidentally left here a while back when she tended the kids. andy retrieved them from his car while i talked on the phone and then finally at 11:30ish we headed upstairs again. phew! kids tucked in and lights off ... the best part: there was no 'get back in your bed'!!

i got andy a deck of conversation cards and we played a little bit (they are cards that ask questions like: if you could be reincarnated as an animal - which would you be and why? and what is your favorite childhood memory?). it was fun and i anticipate learning a lot about him that i didn't know before. it's amazing - even after 8+ years of marriage there are still things that i don't know about him!

it was a great valentine's day and it's not over yet!

hope yours was romantic and fun!!

ps ... i forgot the best part of all - my gift from andrew ... I LOVE IT!!


The Fullmer Family said...

what a nice valentine's day!! I almost made heart pizzas but I ran out of time and so I went with something else instead! How fun! love your willow tree! :)

Oh...I wanted to ask you about making a sign for Alli...I will email you!!

iamjennycook said...

Sounds like a fun day em, we have a game like that too called the "ungame" is it the same one?

Andy did great picking out the willow tree, and by the way, you beat us in taking down the christmas lights!