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Saturday, February 9, 2008

today i walked down memory lane

in the immortal words of michael mclean ...

"well, it's hard to say good bye and let go
and it's hard to see it end
when the mem'ries we've just made
may never happen again.
but it's harder for time to ever erase
the together times we've shared.
so, when we're apart remember
all the love we shared together
and for all that love,
thank the Lord above
who showed us the way
that we can be together, forever someday"

i had the opportunity to attend the memorial for Danny Romero today. it was a wonderful service and tribute to his life. there were many funny stories told (he was quite a rascal in his younger days - shoot he was a kick-in-the-pants his whole life), memories shared and so many people in attendance. i know there were several more that weren't able to make it (and we missed you!). he was an exceptional person - to know him was to love him. i am blessed to have been able to associate with him and will miss him dearly. i know that he is with our heavenly father now and i'm sure he's not 'resting' very much - he's not one to just sit around! his son, chip, is one of my best friends from 'back in the day' - i called these guys 'my boys' (see pic below) ... it was SO great to be together again to talk, laugh and cry together. it's hard to believe that it's been so long - but you know that you're good friends when you can pick right up where you left off without a blip or awkward silence. when i walked into the church this afternoon and saw that mikey had flown in my heart jumped for joy! (kelly - thank you for holding down the fort so that he could!) it's too bad that it had to be under these circumstances ... but we were all there! we all love Dan and his darling sweetheart Dawn - and were certainly there to support our friend as well.

we haven't changed much (we're older and wiser now ... riiight) just standing there with them took me back. it was hard to leave - not a big surprise ... if you know me well, you know that i'm always the last person to go to sleep at a slumber party and the last one to say goodbye cuz i don't want to miss anything! i know that we'll be friends forever and longer.

it's funny - the memorial was held in the building where we grew up attending church, early morning seminary and activities most of our wednesday nights as youth. one day we ALL need to get together and have a little walk down memory lane. we're all spread across the country right now ... chip, pj and i still live at 'homebase' so we need to coordinate and persuade the rest of you (liisa, heidi, tara, kathleen, angie and ben) to come for a visit all at the same time!

i love you all and count you as some of my greatest blessings!


Jennalee said...

wow! ya'll are OLD! what good memories to keep us warm...wish we could have been there! here's a squeeze from me!

Super Angie said...

Wow. Thanks Em. That was a great tribute. I am so thrilled that my dad flew in from Russia for the services. I love your comments and the photo of you guys is awesome!!

now I'm crying...

Megan said...

Thanks for all the updates on Chip and his dad. Tara forwarded them on. None of you have changed a bit! It brings me back to those same church halls where I met you all. Great memories!