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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm the lucky one

andy's birthday happens to be on the luckiest day of the year ... st. patty's day. (side note: both my grandma's have the same birthday as well ... strange.)
this year we are turning 33, but andy always leads the way. so to commemorate this momentous occasion ... turning 33 in the 3rd month of the year '09 (3x3) - i decided to put it into words, the 33 reason's that i'm the luckiest {why andy's the best}

1. he was born to a house load of girls and knows how to be a gentleman.
2. he was raised in the church (and follows it's teachings).
3. he is a good example for others.
4. he's helpful.
5. he stops to help 'damsels in distress' (on the side of the road).
6. he shares what he knows.
7. he's strong - to lift heavy things.
8. he's strong - doesn't give in to negative peer pressure.
9. he's strong, but sensitive - he's not afraid to cry.
10. he is tender-hearted [read: push-over] when it comes to teary-eyed kidlets.
11. "he wrestles wis us." - ammon and easton
12. he likes to hold my hand.
13. he's patient.
14. he has good, strong massaging hands.
15. he wants to be better.
16. he honors his priesthood.
17. he loves our kids.
18. he likes to hold babies - our own or otherwise ... he's just good with babies!
19. "he's silly - like when he asked if he had to eat all his green eggs and green butter on his toast and green milk that we made him for his birthday!" - abi

20. he makes me laugh too ... like when he makes up the words to songs cuz he can't decipher them on the radio.
21. he is a good sport, i usually get my way.
22. he likes the house to be clean - he'd make a great housewife!
23. he has a good relationship with his mom ... they talk about most anything.
24. he provides for our family, even if he has to work long into the night and on the weekends.
25. he's cute.
26. "he reads to me." - elyssa
27. he reads the scriptures with me.
28. he likes to spend time alone with me.
29. he's a great kisser (is that TMI??)
30. he tells me i'm beautiful.
31. he makes me want to be better.
32. he's a great friend.
33. he shows me he loves me everyday.

there are a million more ...

Happy Birthday, Andy!

thanks for being so wonderful!


tricki_nicki said...

I agree with every one of your reasons...Andy is definitely lovable! Happy b-day Andy!

Jennalee said...

happy b-day andrew we're lucky to know you too :)

Super Angie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 33 is a good age!

lisaswendsen said...

What a sweet post about your hubby. And what a lucky day to have a bday! And that is so crazy that he and your grandma's share the same birthday! Hope you are doing well!

iamjennycook said...

We're all lucky ones for knowing Andy - he is one of a kind! We love you Andy!

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