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Saturday, April 11, 2009

17 - the magic day ...

magic because there are 17 days left and i'm on goal #17 (doesn't take much to make things magic!)

today is also elyssa's birthday (o, but it was trav's first) which has me thinking about my kids ... {i gyped them all out of birthday parties this year ... and now it's back to elyssa again and i'm planning a big 'every birthday party'!!} but more importantly i'm thinking about how each one of them needs face time with me alone.

elyssa is my one right now that longs for it. she loves for me to touch her (play with her hair while we're sitting anywhere ... especially in church, tickle her back/arm/neck/anything, hug her, she leans on, sits right next to me - you name it) ... she just wants attention.

goal # 17 - give my full attention to each individual child for a solid hour at least once a week.

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Taylor family said...

I'm working on all of these goals as well:) I have a friend who lets each child pick one day a week to stay up 1 hour past bedtime to do whatever they want with Mommy and Daddy. Just an idea.