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Monday, April 6, 2009

two two

(not to be confused with 'tutu' - cuz i'm no ballerina!)

goal 12 - in an effort to accomplish goal #11 ... i will be reading from the pages of "Preach My Gospel" daily. i recently read the title page and first presidency's message to missionaries ... ahh, to be a missionary again ...
but it got me thinking - "every member a missionary", right?! so why can't i read that message as if it were written to me? and why can't i take all these 'missionary' lessons and teach my own little 'investigators' in my own household? and then 'share what i know' with my friends and neighbors!?!

so there you go ... if you don't have a copy - get one! they're only $6.00!! let's read it together!

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