i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thirteen days

{isn't there a movie - kennedy ... cuba conflict ... never did see it ... hm - maybe i will}

today is tax day - are your taxes done? do you wait"until the last dog's hung and the rope's cut"? (to quote my dad) my problem is ... i see april 15 creeping up on me and i say to myself ... just get them done - take all your stuff and have the guy work his magic and just do it ... but i don't listen to myself and then april 13 stares me down and i make a panicked call to the tax man's office and the nice receptionist girl says, "we have several openings ... we also take walk-ins if you can't commit to a sprcific time ..." it's like she saw me comin' ...

my beef with tax day? i'm not organized. i pay my bills and leave them all in a stack (read: monster pile of papers) and then when tax time comes aroundi can't find all the papers i need ... or i can't find one month of papers and i have to guess what that amount was. and what is really annoying?! we are 1099 ... we don't have w-2s - so we get the 'important tax documents' in the mail mid-january ... why the heck don't we take care of our taxes in february!? it bothers me.

in short, goal #21 - get organized ... make a habit of filing the pile. and actually do it this year!