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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

elyssa's 6th birthday!

last friday morning she came into my room at 6:55AM and reminded me that i was supposed to come in and sing to her ... 'when i wake up i will, go get back in your bed!'

abi came in next, 'mom - we're supposed to wake up elyssa and sing to her - she's on her bed ... but she's not asleep, she's faking.'
Happy Birthday to you!!

before school we went to Libby Lu and nicki got her that fantastic sweatshirt ('high school musical' - here we come! we haven't been exposed to it as of yet ... nicki invited us to have a girl's night at her house! nails, make-up, hairdos, and watch high school musical!)

after Libby Lu we went to lunch in the mall with granny! (i'm waiting for a picture from granny)

and finally we went to lyssa's class and brought snack and balloons!

what a fun day!!

and i think we've created a make-up monster ... i'll share those pictures later!

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Jennalee said...

too cute! I love the collages