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Thursday, April 17, 2008

what is love? baby, don't hurt me ...

one-hit-wonder haddaway's song is running thru my head ... and now your's too, i suppose! (and don't even worry - i just added it to my playlist!)

i'm not going to share my views on love and what i think about relationships and such ... something much more fun!!

i picked up the girls from school and while we were headed home abi asked me the most curious question.
"mom, have you ever had that feeling when you're close to the boy that you love and you get all clumsy and you can't talk right?"
i looked at her in my rearview mirror and said, "yes ... are you feeling that way about a boy?"
"not just one boy, 2 boys ..."
"don't think you love them ... i think you just like them a lot. you're twitterpated."
"twitter-what? what is that?"
"that means you get that feeling ... not in love."
"no mom, it's love."
"you remember our rules though, right? we don't have boyfriends until we're 16."
"i know ... "

then elyssa chimed in that she loved 3 boys and they got into a discussion about who were their favorite boys and who's cuter than who, effectively ousting me from the conversation.

that night while tucking them into bed, i brought it up again. we talked about what's appropriate (by the way - that's the word she used) and that we keep our hands and lips to ourselves.
"mom, it's a rule at school - we aren't allowed to kiss people."
"that's a good rule."

andy and i looked at each other - too funny ... and yet scary! she's 7 years old, people!

i think it's such a shock to my system because of my own experience ... i was president of the kirkland branch of the VL (virgin lip) club until i was 19! yes, folks, that means i went thru highschool without being kissed ... quite a feat, i know. i was bff with all the guys ... not a love interest. that being said, i didn't even really want to be kissed until i was in 9th grade and had the hots for TB ... and he didn't even really know i existed, let alone wanted to kiss me! (i really should write all these stories down ... they're good ones!)

andy thinks it's a little crazy - but he's taking it in stride.
"she is our first and we are learning ... maybe this happens at this age."
his first kiss was in 7th grade (he thinks) and he was so shy that he didn't talk very much and his girlfriend broke up with him because he was too quiet.

basically ... we're in trouble! i'm just glad that she's talking to us about it! say a little prayer for us!!


Jennalee said...

too funny! but I'm not ready for this!!!! AHHHH!

your Handsome Husband said...

great blog honey! you're right - abi is a funny kid and we're lucky she's talking to us!

Kiley said...

aaaahhhhh!!! hahahahahahaha!
oh the joy of twitterpation... ;) (yeah, it's word... i made it up) i'm pretty sure my first kiss, on the lips, was 1st grade... his name was Adrian... wow... i remember that! crazy...
nothing's wrong with a late-bloomer in the kissing department though... ;)
good luck with the girls... and i can't wait to see the girls those boys of yours end up treating like princesses... fan-tastic.

Super Angie said...

I am racking my head...who is TB? Hmmm... Now I am very curious.

I had a totally huge crush on MG (Mikey Galbraith..don't worry Kelly!). Some dumb "cool" kids from Jr. High called my house and somehow I was dumb enough to tell them I had a crush on MG. They of course thought it meant Mike Graff and you can imagine, in no time, everyone in Band knew.... LOL Ah, wasn't Jr. High so fun? NOT!!!

Dallin is also 7 and he holds hands with all the girls at school. Hmmm...should I then assume the kissing is next? UGH!
cute blog...