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Monday, April 21, 2008

the evolution of road rash

easton is over a year and a half ... it's about time that he get dumped out of the stroller. i did a little research and found ammon's - he wasn't quite a year when it happened to him!
last saturday (the one hot day so far this spring) we spent the day outside enjoying the sun. we walked over to our YMCA for the 'healthy kids' day. then while i was preparing munchies to take to the zoo, andy was outside with the kids. he had easton in the umbrella stroller. easton's favorite thing to do while in the stroller is lean down and feel the wheel rolling ... he relies on the strap to hold him. he wasn't properly restrained and took a header. andy rushed in apologizing with blood coming from easton's head and nose covering the 2 of them (i exaggerate - andy only had a little spot on his jacket where easton had rubbed against him). it looked pretty bad but we cleaned him up and gave him some tylenol and headed to the zoo! [with 1 million other people! the line to pay was huge! and we slipped into the short membership enterance line - gotta love being a member!!]


Super Angie said...

Its so funny how he sucks that one fingers.

Alicia said...

love his face in these pictures. cute!

tricki_nicki said...

Owie Easton!! I can't believe how fast that healed up! It looked really bad a couple of days ago. Thank goodness for young healers! AND stroller seatbelts... ;)