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Sunday, April 27, 2008

pondering and journaling

in today's sacrament meeting one of the talks was prepared JUST for me ... she centered her talk around this talk by Pres. Eyring. you should read it - go ahead - i'll wait ...

in an effort to be closer to my Heavenly Father and recognize that he really does touch my life everyday, i am going to take Pres. Eyring's suggestion and make it a part of my daily life.

as i was pondering about this, i was surfing my favorite blogs and happened upon this one. Chelle's darling little Katherine touched my heart and i realized/remembered that Heavenly Father uses others to touch our lives ... because he can't be here to do it and we need the opportunity! and then i started thinking that it's my job to listen and act when i hear his whispered suggestions and promptings so that i can be an insturment in the hands of the Lord.

how has the Lord's hand touched your life today?

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iamjennycook said...

Em, I TOTALY should have read your blog like 10 minutes ago before I posted a desperate plea of HELP! on mine!