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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shhhh - don't tell my mom ...

yesterday was a fantabulous day! i got to spend the day with my handsome husband. he had appointments in bellingham and blaine and then we had lunch at red robin - one of our favorite restaurants. our original plan was to be home about the time the girls got out of school. when we left home we were behind schedule ... we were 30 minutes late to the first appt. and 15 minutes late to the second ... but right on time to the third ... we left blaine at 1:30ish and arrived at bellingham red robin about 2:15 (we had to search for an internet connection and send off a file before lunch). we sat down at 2:30 starving - i hadn't thought about needing snacks on this road trip! we ate and talked and at 3:00 realized that we were not going to make it to get the girls. i called my mom (she was with the boys) and asked her to go get them, she said it was no problem and to take our time. as we headed home, andy suggested that we stop at the outlet mall and see if we could find me a birthday present - great idea! i suggested that we pull over at the nearest rest stop ... to ... go potty ... and ... um ... kiss ... a lot. after some kissing, the car was getting warm so i turned the key so i could roll down the window a little. after much making out in our steamy car {it's not illegal when you're married, i did some extensive internet research just now!}, i looked at the clock ... SHOOT! that old adage "time flies when you're having fun" - true business! it was already 4:30!! i turned the key in the ignition ... nothin' not even a try - the battery was TOTALLY dead! the nice guy we asked to give us a jump said he didn't have cables but offered his jump start box and our battery was so dead it took our jumper cables linked to his car battery AND the jump starter to get our car running! there is something wrong with andy's alternator it's a good thing we had jumper cables or we might still be there ... making out! ;)

when we were back on the freeway, i called my mom again to explain and ask for more time ... the conversation went something like this:

me: mom, we had some car trouble.

mom: where are you?

me: back on the freeway now ... but when we stopped at a rest stop to go potty, we couldn't get the car started for a little bit.

mom: but you're on the road now.

me: yes, and i was wondering ... would it be ok for us to stop at the outlets for a little bit?

mom: how long will it take you?

me: not long, i just want to look for a shirt at a couple stores.

mom: ok ... let me know when you're headed here.

me: thanks mom! see you soon.

ok ... so i didn't lie ... we did go potty ... it was more like a 'lie by omission'. don't hate me because i'm embarrassed to tell my own mother that i was making out with my husband!?

after a short stop at the outlets ... we arrived home just as mom was fixing dinner for the kids.

it was a GREAT 32nd birthday!

due also in part to my little big sister and my jennycook and my alicia and all the great people that called and wished me well.

ps. i already called my mom and confessed my sin - i know you wanted to call and snitch on me! neener neener.


Super Angie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily dear, happiness will come to you all year, If I had one wish, then it would be...

Luv ya!

Kiley said...

i so would have told mom too...

Fleet Ford said...

EWWWW SIIIIICK lol you know me I would have RATTED you out the first chance i got HAHAHA :D jk jk glad you had an AMAZING birthday :D oh and just to let you know i WILL be getting my Eagle Scout sometime in August I GOT ALL MY MERIT BADGES DONE...go to my blog a little later and you can read the blog that i am going to write.(dont hurry there because i havent written it yet haha) Talk to you laterz

Fleet Ford

iamjennycook said...

Oh, Em, you are so funny. This gave me a good snicker that I needed tonight... it also made me think about the good ol days when we were all in the singles ward making out with our hubby's to be in the bushes and in our cars on the side of the road. I love that you confess that you still do this! Anything to keep it fun, right?!! Your so cute.

Jenny G. said...

Hey Emily Happy Birthday. You are so cute. I loved this post. You are a fun little couple. Good thing the battery happend when you were married and not dating it would have been really bad to have to explain back then. By the way I am Jenny Cook's cute neighbor friend from Idaho.

ashtrost said...

That was a funny story. Good for you guys to keep making out!!! Happy birthday!

emily said...

ang: thanks girl!
kiley: you're just jealous! and i know you would have ... snitch!
fleet: you're jealous too ... and congrats on your Eagle.
jenny: i don't know what you were doing ... but i never made out with andy before we were married ;)
jenny g: welcome, thanks for your comment ... and you're right - lucky us!
ash: we've never been shy PDA-ers :)

Tara said...

fun, fun and more fun!!!
glad you had a fun and slobbery birthday!! :)

Heber and Chalonn said...

What?? Married peops are allowed to make out? Hmmmm! Let me see if I can find time for that on my birthday coming up! Happy Birthday!

Kedra Simpson said...

I am a jerk!!!! After all you have done for me lately....i had no idea it was your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are the best!

emily said...

tara: you crack me up!
chalonn: married peops makeout best! rest stops are pretty good places to hide - have fun! when's your birthday?!
kedra: you're not a jerk - it's not like you haven't had a few things on your mind! thank you!

Heber and Chalonn said...

my birthday is coming up in a few days....I think I'll find a great rest stop somewhere and surprise Heber....

tricki_nicki said...

Did I ever tell you about the time Trav and I were making out in a parking lot (married!) and a cop tapped on the window? Ugh, so embarrassing! But still fun!

Kiley said...

HAHAHA!! :) nicki... been there, done that... minus the married part... and emily, yeah... no. not jealous... that's just gross... ;) haha