i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

break out your countdown calendars!

i have a list of people that i call every year on september 17th, the call goes something like this:
"hey (insert name)!  i'm just making my reminder calls that we now have 99 days until Christmas!  break out your countdown calendar!  we're in double digit territory already!!"

"oh my gosh are you serious?  i was thinking about that just a few days ago ... time flies!  you're so funny!"

this year though i have new tech savvy friends on facebook and texting that i can remind!  so fun!  and funny all the comments from people who think i'm a little crazy!

my favorite exchange was from some of my friends from when i lived at home ... "Phil Noll- What are you, Mrs Claus giving a pep talk to the elves?"
"Stewart Galbraith- Phil, Mrs. Claus is her mom!"
"Barbara Paulson Waibel- And Santa is her Pa"

these people have known me for a LONG time ... when i was younger {in jr. high and highschool} i would wear my elf costume to school the last friday before christmas break and hand out candy canes!!

Christmas is the best!
yes ... my mom's christmas tree is upside down
- there's more room for decorations and gifts
with the bigger part at the top!


The Ahlstrom Family said...

That is the BEST Santa and Mrs. Claus I have ever seen! Awesome!

Colleen said...

LOVE it, and love you for the reminder!

The Nedrys said...

I love Christmas and normally would rejoice, but with a baby due 6 days before the holiday...this post stresses me out! I have so much to do for the baby and for Christmas prep! Aagghh!

Jennalee said...

wondering why I'm not on the calling list? or because I'm "blood" it means that I just automatically know the day? :)