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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day of school eve

is also the last day of summer vacation and the day we get to meet our teachers and deliver our school supplies ... the day we pick out our outfits from the new school clothes - down to the shoes, we know what we're wearing tomorrow ... and the day after that ... and even the day after that!

this summer has been fairly uneventful ... lazy, laid back, slightly boring - but the good kind.

as i look back at the last 11 weeks (yes, that's all we got ... so short!!) we have had some schedule free days, followed by some lethargic days, followed by sluggish days ... the kind where we barely get out of bed before it's time to get back in ... when we flop from the bed to the couch ... when showers are few and far between and going outside isn't an option due to the weather ...

we had some hectic days, followed by some action-packed days, interspersed with some tiring days, when we traveled to UT thru ID and back and rode our bikes everyday, went to the gym for exercise and swam until we were beat but we stay up until way too late just because we can...

and even now as i listen to the rain fall outside and remember that elyssa's soccer practice was rained out this evening... i can't imagine that summer is really over, that we are back to scheduled days and routines and bed times.  we have to abide by rules, we're required to do homework, we're obliged to attend functions and we make plans to follow through.  structure.  calendar.  agenda.  organized.

that's what i look forward to the most in the coming months.  getting in the groove.  finding my niche.  making a plan - albeit flexible to an extent ... but having a scaffolding to guide my slightly scattered brain.

i have printed an enormous calendar for september and october ... i'm working on color coding, menu tweaking, and schedule planning and when it's all filled out and a thing of beauty i will take a picture and share. 

so as the book of summer vacay 2010 closes, the equally exciting sequel is only beginning.  cross your fingers that we can make it happen - start tomorrow on the right foot ... get out of bed on time, eat a healthy breakfast, brush teeth and hair (preferably separately), get backpacks and lunches ready, smile for a few pictures and head off for another first day! 

look out world - here we come!!

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