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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Firsts: even after 11 years together!

today is our 11th anniversary!

our 10 year was fabulous ... this anniversary we decided to go low key ... our original plan was to 'Do the Puyallup!' ... but with record breaking rain this past month (especially these last 10 days) we decided against it.

instead we ate at one of our old standbys, Red Robin, and did 2 things we've never done before:

btw: that starbucks cup was left behind by whoever sat there last
we haven't been breaking the Word of Wisdom ...
and there was a huge sale at wet seal, a place i have never been into ... but from the outside of the store i saw some darling stuff and then i saw the 70% sign and i had to go in!!  i got myself a 2 darling jackets, 2 necklaces and 2 rings!!  so fun!

after my shopping spree, we went out to go see "The Other Guys" with our AMC coupons out of our entertainment book.  We looked at the theater and it said Loews not AMC!!  so we scrambled to find the movie at another theater and headed up the freeway ... imagine my embarrassment when i looked online and saw this:

so we hustled back to alderwood and arrived just as the previews were starting ...

movie review: super dumb funny ... we do NOT recommend seeing this movie - even as a rental ... but if you are set on seeing it make it a LATE night movie ... and be ready for some crude humor!

all in all it was a lovely anniversary!

i sure am a lucky girl to have this guy for eternity!


lisaswendsen said...

Happy Anniverary to you both! What a fun way to celebrate by doing something you've never done as a couple! Maybe insight for me for next year! Hope you are doing well. Loving your blogs. I am just trying to get caught up on my blog after a crazy busy summer. Hope all is well!

Jennalee said...

love this pic of you two

Kristen said...

Congratulations on 11 years of marriage. Glad you finally made it to the movies. Love reading your blog and catching up. Miss you!