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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"bye mom!"

it was almost like the heavens knew just how i was feeling today ... a little weepy, misty eyed, and drippy.

we were up at 7:30 - easton came out of his room just as i was headed in to wake him ... "i was going to lay by you ..." he said.
"i need to wake up the girls, you go crawl in my bed and i'll come lay by you for a minute."

so he did and i did and we laid there for a minute and then i said, "are you excited to go to school??"
"do i get to wear my new clothes and shoes?"
"yes, let's go get you dressed and ready!"
so we did.

everybody but ammon was dressed and eating breakfast by 7:50 ...

he doesn't have school until the afternoon ... so he slept in and stumbled downstairs just in time for scriptures at 8:10 ... then it was "brush teeth, brush hair, grab your backpack - ammon get dressed ... no not in your school clothes yet ... "

and suddenly we were a flurry of action to get out the door!
we arrived at the girl's school at 8:50, i parked ... left the boys watching the Cosby Show and walked the girls to the covered area to wait, stood with them for about 5 minutes, gave them hugs, took a few pics (we decided to get the ones with teachers after school) and then they were all "bye mom!" not a tear to be seen from them ... no biggy mom ... see ya! (sniff ... sigh)

then we were off to deliver the newest preschooler!
miss maryanne was there for a pic and then he was in - backpack hung, shoes off, sitting on the blue polka dot - "bye mom!" no clinging to mom, no tears, no "stay with me for a minute" ... (sniff)

ammon and i hustled off to the Y for zumba and then home for a quick shower and then to a 30 minute meeting and then pick up easton, eat lunch, and get ammon in his school clothes and shoes, "grab your backpack and get in the van!"
we parked and walked to the kindergarten corral where they were all lined up ... girls in one line boys in the other (the boys significantly outnumber the girls) and wait for mrs. cummins - she greets each kindergartener and then they head into class and again, "bye mom!" no clinging, not a tear, he turned and waved as he headed off to school ... (sniff, sniff)

easton and i head home ... just the 2 of us again ... lo and behold it's quiet time ... we read 2 stories and then settle in for a good nap ... ahhh ... this is the life!
i did the dishes, mostly cleared off the kitchen counter, emptied the dishwasher, sorted the kids inboxes to make room for the onslaught of papers i'm anticipating (and it's a good thing since i got 3 of everything!!) and then had to wake easton to go and get the kids.

it was a lovely first day of school and like the weather - i dried up by the time school was out ...

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Quigley Family said...

So glad it all worked out so beautifully. So fun for all of them. The new school year is so awesome. (this post probably made Mrs. Wright sniff sniff a little)