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Saturday, September 11, 2010

get a load of this ... literally!

i have a few friends that have been telling me about this for a few months and i'm sorry that i didn't act on it sooner!

this picture is missing the 5lb bag of potatoes that was included ...
the idea is that we all contribute to buy produce in bulk and then we divide up what is purchased and come away with an awesome deal!!
i paid $15 for all this!!

i did not fully understand until i saw it for myself.

this is not the dregs of the supermarket ... it's not gleaned ... it's produce from charlie's produce and it's all great stuff.

granted i didn't get to pick and choose what i got and i now have an egg plant (that i'm going to use ... not sure how - but i'll learn!) and cauliflower and 6 kiwis ... but these are all wonderful foods that my people will eat or at least try!!

check it out!

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